Sunday, September 6, 2020

You ARE What You Eat

People naturally reject anything that doesn't dovetail with their current choices. And the time-honored "You are what you eat" is a prime example.

Canada's CBC has a great show called Marketplace that reveals how food corporations — with the approval of the US' FDA, Canada's CFIA, and similar government agencies worldwide — defraud us by promoting the labeling of their products as "healthy," when in fact they are a danger to our health.

"Garbage in, garbage out" certainly applies to the diet we choose, so those who expect quality muscular gains from hard workouts that are followed by a stop at McDonalds or Pizza Hut have to realize how dumb that is.

A bigger concern, rejected furiously by parents with kids who are autistic or suffer AHD and other behavioral problems and health problems, is that their choices - smoking, drinking, drugging, junk food eating - degraded the health and viability of their sperm and their eggs. Worse, when females continue these terrible choices while pregnant, the fetus cannot possibly develop to its full potential.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Go Easy

Jeff Cavaliere's hundreds of ATHLENE X videos stress safety and proper form.

I spend a good amount of time online—maybe too much. I see things that are disturbing, especially on Bodybuilding/Fitness sites, Facebook and Instagram pages and more.

There is a fascination online - even among the crowd known as elderly - with moving ridiculously heavy weights to gain attention. And many of the remarks viewers leave on their videos and photos encourage them even further. I assume these posters pay no mind to the negative or cautionary remarks, because some of these people I have bookmarked, only to find no trace of them a few months later. Did they lose interest? Get injured? Die? We’ll never know.

"Just remember that for many, 
getting in over their head leads to drowning."

Boasting, showing off, seeking approval are all behaviors of insecure people, so understand that’s what you are seeking before setting out on an attention-seeking path. It’s a disorder that afflicts people of every age. Just look at the videos of young people setting themselves on fire, jumping off roofs and ingesting inedible items of every sort—just for a little attention. 
Midlife crises are a well known reaction to reaching a certain age, and the urge for such people to engage in unhealthy, injurious or dangerous behaviors to “prove” that they “still have it” all too often  turns out to have quite the opposite effect of what they intended.
We can achieve muscle growth and strength safely even into our 100s, as proven in a number of University studies utilizing residents of senior rest homes as guinea pigs. Just remember that for many, getting in over your head leads to drowning. If you don’t know how to work out safely, YouTube is your friend. Start doing your research.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

I Miss The Gym. This Is Why I Can’t Go Back.

There’s no explanation for anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers, dictator-supporters and chaos-lovers. It’s all beyond comprehension.

Every single day insects vaccinate anti-vaxxers with their filthy mandibles: gnats, mosquitos, flies, dust mites, eyelash mites, ticks, etc., etc. — injecting filth, toxins, bacteria, viruses and more directly into anti-vaxxers’ bodies. Anti-vaxxers are obviously fine with this as not a word is spoken about it. But they are sent into an apoplectic rage over a sterile needle injecting life-saving medicine. Also, every anti-vaxxer has herself been vaccinated, so there’s that hypocrisy - not to mention the associate child abuse.

My gym, BJ Penn in Hilo Hawaii, has a big sign on the door: “NO ENTRANCE WITHOUT MASK.” After entering you must be buzzed through the locked gate which has the same sign on it. Signs are posted everywhere inside on the mirrors and machines. Spray bottles with disinfectant are at every machine.

I went in to work out and nearby was an asshole without a mask. Additionally he did not wipe down the machine as the gym policy demanded. Immediately I saw an employee walk by, look at this guy, and continue on, saying nothing to him. I followed the employee to the front desk:

ME - You saw that guy not wearing a mask and said nothing. He’s also not wiping down the machine.

EMPLOYEE - Yeah, I know. What can you do?

ME - What do you mean? You have the rules posted.

EMPLOYEE - Sorry, I don’t have the authority.

ME- You don’t have the authority? It’s a PRIVATE Business. You set the rules. Obey the rules or get out.

EMPLOYEE - I can't do that. He might cause trouble.

ME- Then call the police. You instead choose to insult every other member here by allowing one asshole to flaunt the rules and endanger everyone else?

EMPLOYEE - Sorry. (head tilt)

Beginning today it was announced that everything on the island of Oahu (Honolulu) is shut down for two weeks, thanks to the rule-breakers and the business owners who don’t enforce the rules. I feel sorry for the responsible business owners who despite complying may now may lose their businesses altogether, but it’s the rule breaker assholes they need to be enraged with, not the government.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Want To Stay Young? Stop Doing This:

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Watching young people at the gym performing joint-killing moves like this - that somehow they believe are beneficial - is bad enough, but seeing out-of-shape older people doing shit like this is beyond all.

In this 30-second video we see two age-accelerating things going on.

First, setting up a momentum cycle has the opposite effect than what is intended. The idea is to increasingly challenge your muscles, not to lessen the challenge by embracing momentum. Anybody who knows what they are doing also knows that you do not if you’re using momentum.

Second, this wild ride is fucking up your joints. Your response might be to scoff because, hey, you feel fine! You will only realize it once the damage is done, and then it will be too late. There is no repairing joint damage.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Demand Responsible Gym Policies

As the TrumpVirus decimates America, many gyms such as those in California have had to close their doors once again.

Like some unimaginable plot out of a 1970s disaster movie, the US Government has not as yet formulated any plan of action whatsoever - no leadership, no concern at all, as to how to deal with the epidemic on a national level - 5 months into it! This is why the US has the highest infection rates in the world.

We have been left by our so-called “leaders” to navigate this tragedy alone without aid of any guidance system.  We have been left on our own to decide what’s safe for us and for those family members we come in contact with while the manchild in the White House mocks and denigrates medical professionals.

I still have some concerns about going to the gym, but I go regardless - in part to keep sane during this maddening epidemic of anti-masker, anti-vax, anti-science insanity.

To their credit, the owners - and the members - of BJ Penn Gym in Hilo where I work out have been commendable. Hawaii’s culture calls for cooperation for mutual benefit as exemplified in “ohana,” or family. Ohana is your chosen family, including but extending well beyond the boundaries of blood family - meaning that one’s loyalties and connections transcend biological bloodlines to include the whole community.

At BJ Penn they have removed some of my favorite machines to create distance. I can live with that. The bathrooms, showers and drinking fountains are also closed. A spray bottle is at every machine with members required to wipe down the equipment after use. NOBODY whines like little bitches about these precautions or about having to wear a mask at all times. No one lowers themselves to challenge such common-sense rules meant to protect everyone by hysterically screaming "freedom!" I’ve read how some US gyms allow members to remove the mask while actively exercising, which is so foolish that it defies both humanity and logic - breathing heavily and gasping obviously spreads viruses faster and farther.

If you are “trying to keep the peace” with your so-called anti-masker “friends” and “loved ones” who are demanding their "freedom" to infect and possibly kill you, as well as those in your ohana who are at highest risk, then you are more unhinged even than the Karens and Kens you don’t have the balls to confront or ghost. Shut them down one way or the other. Allow the basic instinct to remain healthy and alive to transcend societal pressure to maintain “respectful” relationships with these low-IQ despots you have yet to delete from your life. Call the owners of businesses you patronize who do not enforce the mask mandate and tell them you will not set foot in their establishment until every single person who enters their doors is compelled to wear a mask. This most especially applies to gyms.


Sunday, June 14, 2020

With Covid19 Cases At Zero, GYM or NO GYM?

Hilo, Hawaii

Gyms are reopening, as are churches, bars and more, but the majority of people polled say they are not ready. One old man I watched on the news said “No politician can decide when it’s safe for us to re-socialize - only we get to do that.” That’s how most people seem to feel.

I live on Hawaii Island, where there are zero Covid 19 cases. None. People here have been very cooperative with the various mask-wearing, hand-washing, social distancing regimens, which I am sure is the reason for the lack of corona virus spread.

My gym has been open for two weeks now, and every day I think this will be the day I will venture over there to see what’s what. One problem for me is my gym’s shortened hours. Pre-epidemic I went to the gym between 9 and 10 p.m. because there were so few people who worked out at that hour, allowing me free access to weights and benches coveted by so many others at earlier hours. Now the gym closes at 10 p.m. rather than midnight, and with the pent-up demand I assume the place will be crowded.

For decades before the pandemic I took precautions at the gym most others did not. I always wore workout gloves. I never touched my face with bare hands. I washed my hands vigorously before leaving the gym. I always covered the bench surfaces with a clean towel. Most people did none of those things. For 15 years I never had a cold or the flu or was ill in any way except for one 3-day sniffle in 2007. I attributed my good health to careful gym hygiene.

Another issue recently has been working out in the park with a mask on made heavy breathing hot and unpleasant. At the gym I work out much harder than that, so I’m assuming my normal gym workout will prove challenging.

However, the only way to know is to go, so I will post my experience when I finally bite the bullet.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Pussies React to the Covid19 Epidemic

It’s true that we don’t know what we don’t know until we know it. That’s why I can, in a manner of speaking, “see” how people who have never been through an epidemic before might hold certain ignorant views. But rejecting wholesale the experience of others who’ve been through epidemics previously is just downright stupid. 

Those pathetic man-children at Michigan’s Capitol Building recently showing up with AK47s? What the fuck? What do guns have to do with Covid19? Nothing.

And unhinged maskless crowds taking to the streets demanding that the economy “open back up”? What these protesting fools are in reality demanding is that the owners of places of recreation they themselves patronize—namely gyms, stores, restaurants and sports venues— compel their vulnerable employees to return to work at an unlivable wage and put themselves and their families at risk so as to service the profoundly selfish, bored and restless sadlings who after 6 weeks of staying inside are so abjectly lacking in any genuine life purpose that they are losing their tiny minds. “The Greatest Generation” they are not, and never will be.

For 15 FUCKING YEARS gay men hunkered down, social distanced, lost their businesses, STOPPED HAVING SEX, and buried in many cases HUNDREDS of their best friends, customers, doctors, nurses, EMTs, neighbors, service people and beloved life partners while the government LITERALLY LAUGHED at the AIDS EPIDEMIC. (watch the video below  for the Reagan Administration’s jaw-dropping hilarious “response”) 

When it was made clear by our own US Government that they had no intention of providing any emergent response to the AIDS epidemic, even after thousands had already died—in direct contradiction to that same government’s LUNATIC frantic emergency response to fighting Legionaire’s Disease after only 12 people had died—gay doctors, gay scientists, gay politicians, and gay and gay-friendly celebrities rallied and stepped up to do it all themselves.  

As of 2020 there is no cure for AIDS, but gay men still must do what needs to be done EVERY SINGLE DAY. Gays who are HIV-negative take a prescription drug DAILY called PREP to prevent acquiring AIDS. Those who are HIV-positive take a prescription drug DAILY called TRUVADA to manage the disease and keep from spreading it to others, but most significantly, to keep themselves from getting sick and dying. Blood must be drawn and tested every few months. Habits or activities that compromise the immune system are voluntarily curtailed. 

Gays know what transmits AIDS and how to prevent its spreading—and adhere to the guidelines, just like everyone today knows what transmits Covid19 and how to prevent its spreading, but instead rebel against the guidelines.

Our leading political crybabies who have proven to possess no understanding at all regarding contagion, are proposing that the lives of people (other than themselves), especially older people, are expendable. And if they themselves happen to infect others because of their refusal to wear a mask or gloves because such preventive measures impinge on their “personal freedom,” then that’s just how the cookie crumbles, right? And just like “straight” people once believed that they wouldn’t get AIDS because they weren’t gay, and then were proven literally dead wrong about that, younger people today absurdly believe they won’t get Covid19—or spread it to others—because they’re “healthy” and because, you know, only old people get it, bro’.

President Reagan and his White House gang thought the AIDS epidemic was hilarious: just listen.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Only When We Get Better Do We Realize How Sick We Used To Be

We hear it from the formerly obese, from ex-smokers, recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. We hear it from people describing their past romantic liaisons or relationships with toxic relatives or friends, now blessedly left behind.

When we stop doing the things that are hurting us, our lives only get better.

Only when we’re out of a bad situation—the one we elected to stay in for reasons that make no sense anymore—will we be ready to admit how bad things were, how poorly we felt, how compromised our situation and safety were. When we were in the middle of it, we were in denial of just how bad things were.

Non-smokers like me who literally gag on the stinking secondhand fumes that those who arrogantly claim they have the right to expel their poison excrement into my and everyone else’s breathing air, cannot comprehend how anyone would intentionally choose to continuously suck in acrid toxins and searing heat, tar and smoke hour after hour, day after day. Even long after they quit, many ex-smokers whose lives, relationships and health they admit have greatly improved due to their stopping, contrarily speak of their past grotesque habit in ecstatic tones. Such is the stuff of addiction.

My mother broke her leg when she was in her 70s. She had made excuses all her life for never exercising but when faced with either going through rehab or being confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life, she chose rehab. And she loved it. She talked of all the benefits this new pastime was bestowing upon her, the new friends, how great she felt, how much weight she lost, how much more physically strong she was, how her stamina and breathing had improved. Then, once her rehab was completed, she stopped, dropped the gym like a bad habit, despite my reminding her of all her stated benefits. She slipped back into all the old deficits she claimed to have left behind.

Well, at least she didn’t start smoking again.