Saturday, January 18, 2020

When Experts Don't Know What They're Talking About.

Mens Health wants to school you on the proper way to do a biceps curl. Problem is, Mens Health doesn’t know how to properly do a biceps curl.

Things go all right in this video until this happens:

See how at the bottom of the movement this poor guy has completely straightened out his arm and thus completely disengaged his biceps from the movement? All wrong.

His biceps should remain flexed at every angle within the arc of the movement. At the “bottom” he should not be hyperextending as seen here, as it kills the movement dead in the water by disengaging the biceps. Re-engaging for the next rep could well lead to a tear or injury, especially to the elbow. He needs to keep a bend in the elbow at the bottom of the movement in order to maintain the stress, tension and flex to the biceps. 

There is no rest within a set. A set of 10 reps (or however many you choose) is really just one long uninterrupted movement with no rest. His arm hanging like as seen here is a rest. No one tears down muscle fibers while resting. Worse, having a weight in his hand in this position adds to the possibility of injury once he reengages to perform the next rep.

The target muscle for this exercise is the biceps. Whatever the exercise, keep the target muscle engaged for the entire length of the set with no rest or disengagement so as to not only build optimum muscle, but avoid injury as well.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

So, This Is What It's Come To.

America doesn't get to the gym these days because America has nothing fashionable enough to wear. Yep.
Read about here:

Friday, November 29, 2019

The One Good Thing About Having A Bad Cold

I've had two colds in the last 15 years. The first was mild, but the current one, the second, has reminded me just how miserable a bad chest cold can feel. I had to stay home from my Thanksgiving Dinner invitation. I watched The Irishman.

After 3 days of incessant coughing and hacking I discovered the one perk to that: my abs and obliques burn.

I feel like I’ve had a killer ab workout, which makes sense, as the constant deep coughing produces abdominal isometrics all day long—times three.

Having said that though, I want this shit to be over so I can get back to the gym.

My message to those who don't feel well is, stay out of the gym. The rest of us don't take kindly to such selfishness.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Empty Calories = Empty Muscles

It goes without saying that what we eat should have nutritional value. What we choose to eat either takes us closer to our goal, or takes us father away from it.

Forgetting calories for the time being, the more nutritious our food or snack or drink, the better it is for our health and fitness. But even more so if we’re trying to build and sculpt muscle.

Things go south when we choose high calorie / low nutrition foods, say for example, cheese puffs or pork rinds. Lots of calories, high fat, very low nutrition — and easy to shovel large amounts mindlessly into our mouths while our attention is focused on other things like TV or the internet.

Knowledge requires a whole 5 seconds of research, which can be as instant as a Google search: Enter “nutritional content Big Mac.” This will open a handy chart on the right side of the page with the calories and fats at the top followed by the basics. If we’re serious though, we’ll dig deeper through the list of search results for a complete rundown on whether the nutritional values of a Big Mac make it a smart choice. (Nope.)

If you search “nutritional content mcdonalds french fries” the chart on the right shows a picture of the product and states “378 calories” and 18 g. fat. But at the top of the search results, McDonalds paid-for advertising shows the same picture but states “270 calories” and 0 g. trans fat, which seems to contradict the chart to the right. But “0 g. trans fat” doesn’t mean 0 g. fat, or fat-free. Trans fat is just one of the fats contained in McDonald’s french fries. They don't mention the others in this ad. McDonald’s wants to deceive you by not divulging the true total fat content, so again, you have to look close, read slowly, and not be eager to fool yourself or allow others to fool you.