Friday, May 18, 2018

Mature Friday Inspiration May 18

Celebrity SuperBodies

Henry Cavill by Ben Watts/Men's Journal

It’s tempting to click on articles like the Men’s Journal example above which features celebs looking in absolute top shape for a specific purpose. If you pay attention you’ll see most of those featured do not currently look like they do in this photo spread because few are so committed. Once the movie is done filming, or the magazine spread done shooting, the workout and diet take a back seat.

The same goes for fitness models on Instagram, many of whom engage in a specialized diet and workout routine for a specific period before planning a lengthy shoot or series of shoots in different locations with many costume changes so they will have enough photos of themselves in top shape to post for an extended period. Few people can, or want to, adhere to such a Spartan routine for an extended period.

It’s neither good nor bad, it just is.

It’s up to us to understand this and not get too frustrated by our perceived lack of progress. Most of us aren’t millionaires who can easily afford the time, the best trainers, exotic supplements, private gyms, etc., for whom career success or our latest project overwhelmingly depends on looking in top shape. There are everyday guys at my gym who dedicate themselves to being in top jacked condition despite having no financial or career-related incentive for doing so. One dedicated man is in his mid-50s and has a sensational physique 24/7 for no other reason than he wants to.

Is there anyone more clueless - or entitled - than a movie actor, male or female, whose appearance is crucial to their career success and popularity, who make millions for a few months work, complaining about having to maintain themselves, to look attractive, or to stay in shape?

Thursday, May 17, 2018

This 19th Century Bodybuilder Guy Is Obviously Juicing.

What? You say steroids and Test weren't invented until Mr. Hackenschmidt seen here back in the 1800s was long dead from old age? Oh. Okay. Never mind then.

Aging Beyond The Point Of No Return

The human body has the awesome ability to adapt to adversity. We are hard wired for this process, as for 2 million years for our species it was either feast or famine, up or down, back and forth, with no status quo, no rest or break from ever-changing challenging circumstances for mankind’s entire short fleeting lives. During the last 100 years however, that has all changed for most.

As we go downhill slowly we barely notice. Those things that we do notice we simply go into denial about—denial being another crucial coping mechanism hard wired into our brains.

Yet some things cannot be denied: certain events or happenings that blatantly reveal just how far we have deteriorated, willfully.

Doing nothing is willful. Doing nothing is a choice. Not learning to cook or food-shop wisely or claiming that fast food is all we have time for is willful. It’s a choice. Our own personal choice.

The only way to change that—to get ourselves to the gym or work out at home, to stop cramming transfat and saturated fat-laden fast food down our gullets—is to make another choice, a different choice. The choice to thrive rather than to deteriorate—before we reach the point of no return.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

A Hernia Can Be Life-Changing

Q-Who on earth would ever choose to be weak rather than strong?
A-Almost everybody

It’s baffling that anyone would set themselves up for tragedy by intentionally pursuing weakness, but that’s what most people actually do.

As most people age they simply accept diminished capacity rather than fix themselves. Creeping weakness means we need to get on the ball and get stronger, obviously.

Developing a hernia can be life-changing, requiring surgery. Prevention is a smarter option. Abs exercises are meant for more than just looking good, as a strong core can go a long way in preventing weak spots in our abdominal wall from developing, no gym required.

Additionally, monitoring how you lift things, for example, can go a long way in preventing hernias. Flexing your abs strongly inward as you begin the lift is essential. Many people actually push their abs outward as they lift heavy objects.

Practice strongly flexing your abs inward multiple times daily, as you drive, wash dishes, wait in line, climb stairs, etc.