Saturday, October 21, 2017

Clickbait Is Desperate


Speaking for myself, websites that stoop to engaging in clickbait scams lose a good portion of my respect instantly. It’s desperate.

Men’s Fitness presented this clickbait image/headline seen above. But when you click on it and read the associated article, they backtrack and state these featured exercises are really not bad after all.

Clickbait is insulting to the reader/customer, period. I for one would like to see what these self-appointed “experts” who write this crap LOOK like, wouldn’t you?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

When Your Favorite Online Trainer gets it Wrong.

Even those online trainers who I think are excellent overall sometimes express views that, because of my experience, I do not at all agree with.

This is because those trainers and others who have not yet experienced negative results from their technique believe the reason is due solely to their doing it correctly, and that others’ warnings against that same technique amount to nothing more than “myths.” Unfortunately for such people, poor technique is not recognized until the damage is already done.

The opposite is also true. Another favorite online trainer of mine warns against the leg extension machine. In fairness, each manufacturer has a different design, so it could be he was just using a poorly designed version. My gym has two, each made by a different company, and one of these is awful IMHO. However, overall I always include leg extensions in my leg workout, and this particular trainer, from what he described, told me he simply wasn’t using proper technique. Leg extensions should not impact your knees unless you are using your knees rather than your quads to move the weight, which you should never do. The knees’ one and ONLY function is to BEND.

Knees (like all joints) are merely hinges. They are not muscles, but merely cartilage and bone. Knees are not designed to bear weight. Knees are not designed to lead an exercise. Knees are not designed to absorb shock. Knees are not designed to overextend. Knees are not designed to endure wear and tear: that's what the surrounding muscles—quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves— are all designed to do. Muscles are active; joints are passive.

Putting knees at risk in one's quest for stronger leg muscles is counter productive to say the least. Knees have one function only: to bend—and do so only within a predetermined range or arc.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

No Matter What Our Age, We are The Sum Of All Our Choices Up Until Now.

No Matter What Our Age, We are The Sum Of All Our Choices Up Until Now.

23 And Me: What’s The Use?

Richard Sullivan @ Age 53

The US Marines have a great slogan: “Be All You Can Be.” Fitness is not about who or what the other guy or girl is or has, or about regaining the body and tight skin you once had as a 20-year-old, or erasing the so-called ravages of time. It’s about doing the best we can with what we have right now in the present time. 

People who have come to view their body as already “wrecked” or “hopeless” reject weight loss or strength training or stopping smoking using the same disclaimer: “What’s the use? It’s too late for me.”

Carting around 50 lbs. on your ass or waist 24/7 is crazy enough if you’re 20, but at 60 it’s both exhausting and potentially deadly. At best it diminishes your physical ability to perform everyday tasks. At worst it shortens your lifespan, either by initiating otherwise avoidable health problems, or by preventing you from escaping a crashed automobile, a burning home, a mugger.

The cure for “what’s the use?” is usually a good fright, one’s emerging intact on the other side of a situation that scared the shit out of them. People shouldn’t be required to nearly die in order to have that wakeup call. If you’re over the age of 23 and you are not strength training, you are deteriorating. If you are 23 and not strength training, your metabolism is slowing down. The downhill slide begins for us around age 23 when we have finished fully developing from child to adult, but it doesn’t have to.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Richard Sullivan Age 57

Mature Muscle Via Instagram

Today's Ultimate Challenge:

Talking on your cell phone while "working" the leg press machine might explain the complete lack of muscle on those pencil legs.