Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Are you aware that “your” foundational beliefs are not yours at all?

All of us were born absolutely devoid of belief. For the first eight or ten years or more of our lives we were not sufficiently mature or capable or intellectual to form any of our own beliefs. Every belief we absorbed up until we had our own awakening originated with someone else—parents, teachers, religious leaders, older children.

We were programmed by others fearful that we might turn out different than they, frightened we might believe other than what they believed. An ongoing incessant unrelenting program of mind control was inflicted upon us from day one by every person we came into contact with. This, any thinking individual already knows.

Adults who justify themselves by reciting the deplorable phrase “that’s the way I was raised” are telling the rest of us they are too inept, fearful or both to think critically for themselves, to think as an individual with functioning brain cells, and the self respect to question rather than follow blindly.

Whoever said “Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right.” hit the nail on the head.

Allowing fearful people into our lives who manipulate and control as a method of coping with ideas and ideals bigger than their own is personality suicide. So called “friends” and “loved ones” who are demanding you follow their lead are capable of neither friendship nor love. Staying silent to “keep the peace” in any gathering of loud-mouthed, angry, contrary individuals, whether it be your own family or society at large, will only end in the further breakdown of the situation.

Disallow people any place in your life who are out to discourage, mock or sabotage your fitness efforts, not just as a New Year’s Resolution, but as a rule—a law that goes into effect immediately. 

Sunday, November 19, 2017


Richard Sullivan age 52

Involuntary eyerolls are already beginning as they tend to do around this time of year with people, especially Facebook people, boasting that soon there will emerge a whole new person in place of the old them, because New Year’s Resolutions.

If you’re waiting until January 1st to change your ways it is well proven you will not change your ways. If you’re truly serious about NEW, you will start today.

Fitness is not temporary. It’s not something you work at for a few months or weeks so you can look good for wedding pictures or a class reunion. Fitness is about not getting old, weak and destabilized long before your time. Fitness is every day, like brushing your teeth.

People who are bound and determined not to exercise or eat healthfully do not respond to the avalanche of information supporting the basic horse sense for doing such, but they will always ask for “prayers” on Facebook when the damage that never had to happen in the first place rears its ugly painful head.


Saturday, November 18, 2017


Living in Hawaii with its year-round summer and flocks of tourists, we are daily subjected to cringe-worthy displays of droopy bouncy man boobs. The disconnect that so many people have with their own body is fascinating—obese women packed into skinny jeans or short-shorts, fat old guys wearing tiny speedos and proudly and shirtlessly displaying female breasts are an everyday sight here.

Man boobs primarily are due to a low level of the male hormone testosterone and an overabundance of the female hormone estrogen. One might think those who consider themselves to be “manly men” would be horrified to be producing estrogen in such copious quantities that they have literally grown female breasts, but apparently this is not the case.

A secondary culprit is, of course, diet—the food and drink choices these men make on a daily basis. Youthful muscle being replaced by fat is yet another intentional contributing factor.

Yes, I’m shaming these men, if only for the humorous way they’ve convinced themselves that their breasts are not womanly rather than just fixing the obvious problem. It’s the same level of denial that causes giant-bellied guys to appear on a public beach proudly wearing a speedo.

HRT is essential for the majority of older men and they should consult with their doctor as to their candidacy based on a simple blood test. This condition is known as gynecomastia and in most cases surgery, such a liposuction, is the only treatment. But unless the individual also changes his diet and begins a challenging workout routine, the feminine condition will return.


The popular press sure knows where the money lies. It comes from those who, rather than thinking logically, acting responsibly and doing the right thing by themselves spend all their time and energy justifying their current state of inaction.

That’s why stories such as this one in Men’s Health are such a popular fixture. They draw eyes and rack up views on which to base advertisers’ rates.

No, it’s not the crap you’re eating, or the oversized portions that are making you fat. It's not your intentional ignorance of basic nutrition available to everyone within seconds simply by googling. Rather, it’s a gene—yeah—an unfortunate, unfair, insurmountable roll of the dice completely out of your control. Poor unlucky you.

Friday, November 17, 2017

There's No Truth In Broadcasting

Don’t fall for the lying bullshit contained in this video:

The images of the jacked Hellboy in the video make it appear they represent this David Harbour dude, when in fact they are of a laughably phony-looking rubber body-suited and CGI-enhanced Ron Perlman, not Harbour.

The video further misleads by claiming Harbour, who is in training for this role, “has abs for days” —which is embarrassing for him as the video clearly shows: this puffy dude has a LOOONG way to go to uncover whatever abs he might have under all his fat. Harbour - if he had any honor at all - should be livid over this amateur fabricating performed in his name. It’s a disservice to all the impressionable uninformed young fans who despair at their physiques not looking like the cheezy rubber-suited CGI Perlman creation seen here. The PR assholes behind this garbage need a good kick in the balls for stooping this low.

As someone who lived in LA for 35 years, let me say—fuck Hollywood.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Nothing ruins all your workout effort than the easiest exercise of all: standing straight and tall, no matter what your height.

We all know the drill—stomach pulled in, abs tight, chest pushed high and forward, shoulders held down and back, knees flexed—but to keep all this in mind throughout the day is a true challenge, especially if sloppy posture has become a bad habit.

The older we get, the more our negative habits become ingrained. Young people are fresh and new, and great posture for many of them is just natural, with little effort of awareness required. Yet gravity is pulling ALL of us down, and the older we get the weaker our resolve to fight gravity and poor posture, and the more attention we need to pay to presenting ourselves in our best light.

Look at any photo of any man of any age that presents an impressive physique, and every last one will have something you may not notice right off: straight posture. Watch as people climb stairs: most pivot their upper body forward as they climb, rather than stand straight and tall. This needlessly and destructively puts pressure on the knees.

Resolve to be aware of your posture both standing and sitting, and walk proud: our body language reveals more than people realize.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Are you eating recreationally rather than nutritionally? In other words, are you choosing to eat foods that benefit your body and health—or choosing foods that degrade your body and health?

Everything we choose to eat throughout the day does one thing or the other. It is possible to have the best of both worlds by making a list of all the foods you love that are actually nutritious and healthy. Go online and search for the most complete compilation of foods with calories, fats, and/or carbohydrates listed. Especially valuable would be one that lists brand names, such as Snickers, McDonald’s, California Pizza Kitchen, etc.

You will find all kinds of foods will fit your “tastes great” nutrition vs. calorie-fat-carbs criteria. Delicious non-nutritious foods might include crunchy salty potato chips, for example, while delicious nutritious foods might include a ripe juicy mango.

The greater percentage of nutritious favorites we take in, the quicker we will see improvements in our bodies, our energy levels, and our mood. The more junk and fast foods we take in, the quicker we will see and feel a degradation in these same things.

Make your list of all the healthful nutritious foods that you personally love and take it to the supermarket so that the majority of your food purchases include these great-tasting choices.