Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Doctors and Other Misinformed "Experts"

This is a photo of me around the time I was told, with a straight face by a doctor who I was considering as my new physician—and I kid you not here—“You’re overweight ACCORDING TO "THE CHART" and you’ll have to lose 15 lbs.” I was wearing a tank top at the time.

It brings to mind the old joke: 
Question: What do you call the person who graduates last among his classmates in Medical School?
Answer: "Doctor."

World Champion Long Distance Swimmer Ross Edgely was told by medical “professionals” after having a full body scan that he had “very few physical attributes to be a good swimmer.” He went on to swim the full circumference of Great Britain. He set the world record in 2018 taking 2,300,000 strokes.

I and others have been informed by doctors that “The Chart” states we have "normal" testosterone at around 270 dL. Keep in mind that this ludicrous chart which serves as their Bible states that “normal” lies anywhere between 270 dL. and 1070 dL.! So, to clarify, those with 1070 dL.—ALMOST 4 times the amount of testosterone as someone with a 270 dL. reading, are considered EQUALLY NORMAL? And thus those in the low range do not qualify for testosterone replacement therapy?

Your doctor may spout this preposterous logic-defying bullshit without batting an eye, so invested are they in not questioning their "charts" or the outdated crap they learned in med school.

If you are seeking testosterone replacement, and your doctor says no, remind him that in today’s social climate, if a 16 year old girl came into his office with a psychiatrist’s note affirming that she was emotionally a male, for no other reason other than she believed it to be true, that rather than risk blowback from the LGBTQ powers that be in our crazily “politically correct” and litigious environment, he would most surely provide that biological female with testosterone, while at the same time declining to provide the essential hormone to YOU as a biological male.

 These same doctors admit prescribing needless, uncalled-for antibiotics to patients who "insist" on having them despite the overall harm done, because, as widely reported in the media, they feel "pressured" by the patient to do so. What? They respond to pressure from patients who insist on being prescribed needless and potentially harmful  antibiotics, but do not respond to pressure from men suffering with a myriad of hellish physical and emotional problems that will be successfully treated by TRT? Who the hell is in charge here anyway? 

These same doctors have no qualms about prescribing a pharmaceutical like Propecia, which has potential serious side effects—and is shown to be ineffective overall—to attempt to “regrow” lost hair in older men, or others having potential serious side effects. They prescribe Cialis and Viagra to allow guys who can’t or have no desire to get it up to achieve an erection when the actual problem is LOW TESTOSTERONE. Yet many doctors, based either on willful ignorance or their own lack of initiative in keeping current per the latest findings debunking the mistaken beliefs they were force-fed in medical school, recoil at restoring the essential natural testosterone we as males once had.

The absence of testosterone causes diminishment of overall QUALITY OF LIFE. This deficit is responsible for the loss of lean muscle mass (within which our immune system resides), strength, fitness, positive outlook, emotional equilibrium, stamina, metabolism, and one's loss of interest in previously cherished goals and interests. Low test is responsible for belly fat accumulation, man-boobs, softening of the skin and other manifestations of unwanted feminization.

Your doctor might spout risk factors based on invalidated  "studies" in an attempt to dissuade you. Not one person in the US in 2018 could be shown to have died nor been seriously injured stemming directly from testosterone replacement therapy, as opposed to say, Tylenol, which killed 450 Americans in 2017 and 
accounts for about 50,000 emergency room visits and 25,000 hospitalizations yearly.—and any 5 year old little child can buy Tylenol at the corner 7-11 with no doctor protesting that! 

Additionally, previously published 2013 flawed studies in JAMA claiming negative outcomes or bad side effects from testosterone replacement therapy have since been debunked, and multiple medical organizations (17 in number) have petitioned JAMA to REMOVE these 2013 studies from their journal and research materials. Testosterone replacement in truth has shown clinically to be of enormous BENEFIT, in case your doctor is lagging in his required keeping up with all things medical, as many inexplicably and unethically are.

Watch the video below by this Harvard Medical School Professor that debunks all the "findings" regarding cardiac risks associated with testosterone:

For DECADES the world's doctors based their treatment of men with prostate cancer on a circa 1941 (!!) ABSURDLY FLAWED "study" by a Nobel Prize-winning physician that involved only ONE PATIENT. Watch this video debunking the Prostate Cancer MYTH risk of testosterone:

We have to fight for what is right, for that which supports and preserves our quality of life as we age, and AGAINST that which robs us of it.

We have to fight for what is right, for that which supports and preserves our quality of life as we age, and AGAINST that which robs us of it.

Monday, March 11, 2019

He's 72—and Rockin' It!

Ed Myska
Fitness Over 60’ish:

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Why Do People Favor Magical Thinking Over Logic and Fact?

Video from ABC Australia: What's Really Inside Your Supplements?

Supplements are not Substitutes. There is no Magic Pill.

The majority of people who supplement treat supplements as a primary factor in their nutritional choices. Those who habitually follow a nutrient-deficient diet, such as those who primarily exist on fast food or snack foods or sweets, have come to believe that if they can just add a few supplements they will make out all right in the end.

Few people get their full nutritional needs met through their diet simply because of their poor dietary choices. People don’t eat nutritionally, but rather they eat recreationally. People only want to eat what they crave at the time and in unhealthful amounts without regard for health or weight.

A blood test on your next doctor’s visit will reveal what deficiencies you might have, such as Vitamin D for example, so that you can supplement knowledgably and safely. But browsing the supplement aisle for the latest fad supplement to medicate yourself with is only falling for the Magic Pill Delusion that all pill peddlers profligate in order to separate you from your money.

People do NOT want to eat responsibly or nutritionally. People do not want to exercise. People do not want to take the time or effort to FIX or rehab themselves. So they delude themselves into thinking a pill, potion or other supplement will quickly counteract the damage they otherwise do to themselves through irresponsible eating, drinking and inhaling. There is no such thing as the Magic Pill and there never will be.

The Media is just as susceptible as you are to falling for bogus claims of manufacturers of supplements, so the Media is not a trusted source for supplement information.

Bodybuilder supps are by far the worst class of supplements as they are basically useless, relying on the Placebo Effect as demonstration of their efficacy. Many contain banned pharmaceuticals in the mix without listing them on the label—and they get away with it because the FDA is not regulating their products. 

The ONLY bodybuilding supplements that have proven to both work and be healthful are QUALITY protein powders, and creatine. That’s all. You need a pre-workout supplement? Brew yourself some coffee. Your fitness/bodybuilding gurus on YouTube or Instagram are no different than any other salesmen—they do it for the money. They don’t know shit about supplements or pharmacology. 

Finally, don’t touch ANYTHING from China. Not food. Not herbs. And certainly not Chinese Medicine. Don’t you be a mindless follower who throws caution, and your liver health, to the wind.