Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Your Chosen Diet Is Yours Alone.

This is why COUNTING CALORIES is essential to both weight/fat loss and muscle building. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Baffling & Inexplicable...

...that there could be so many of these people.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

If You Really Want To Fuck Up Your Spine, Train with This "Professional."

This is preposterously bad/injurious form:


Monday, December 3, 2018

Cutting Through The Noise

If you’re one of those people who searches the internet for fitness or nutrition advice, then your head is probably spinning right about now.

There’s no shortage of fitness "gurus" claiming to have the answer or telling you the only way is their way. Endless arguments over workout type, how much weight you should be lifting, how often you should work out, what to eat, what not to eat — often people who have really impressive physiques are in direct opposition with one another, so who are we to believe or follow?

To begin with I’d go with those who are not posturing. The loud animated lecturers are the most annoying—shouting and wildly waving your arms doesn’t make anyone seem more credible, just more desperate. If some doofus is inferring you’re not a man or you’re some loser because you aren’t doing things his way, i.e., you’re not lifting heavy enough or not doing squats or bench pressing or whatever, that should be your cue to move on to someone else.

As a personal trainer I am always baffled by people who had achieved success in their career or business who failed to apply those very same principals to their fitness, health and well-being— persistence being the main one. The same people who willingly put in overtime at the office scoff at doing the same with regard to their fitness and nutrition, refusing to research on Google or YouTube, even when I sent them direct links to useful information.

Thinking all you have to do is show up might get you somewhere, but not as far as your full potential indicates if you also do your research and homework.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Dexter Jackson Wants You To Lighten Up

I've stated before that you have to decide whether your goal is to be a bodybuilder or a powerlifter, because combining the two only leads to injury and compromised results. So many guys at the gym are fixated on "going heavy," while their resultant poor form, physical struggle and poor esthetics should be telling them they're spinning their wheels.
I get puzzled looks from guys at my gym when I'm doing presses with 30lb dumbbells and they're struggling with 60s, yet my chest size and shape is similar to theirs. Their entire set is an awkward precarious struggle with their delts doing most of the work (it's a CHEST exercise, not a SHOULDER exercise). Mine is fluid and controlled with my pecs in charge of the movement and minimal shoulder involvement.