Thursday, April 12, 2018

Getting Fatter After 50

The reason weight gain accelerates in most people after age 50 is due to pernicious muscle loss, pure and simple. Because most people are so very resistant to engaging in challenging exercise—walking just ain’t gonna cut it—they deny the cold hard fact that they have to get up off their ass.

Our metabolism resides within our lean muscle mass. The less muscle we have the weaker our metabolism. The only way to increase our metabolism is to build back the muscle we have naturally lost with age.

"If we are not actively building muscle then we are actively losing muscle."

Beginning about age 30, we lose between 7% and 10% of our lean muscle mass with every passing decade, unless we are engaged in a muscle-building form of exercise.

With low metabolism we burn fewer calories. This is why we gain weight on the same diet that previously did not have this frustrating effect. Muscle does not turn into fat any more than apples turn into oranges. But fat does replace muscle due to low metabolism.

Some people, especially women, feign repulsion at gaining “ugly” muscle, yet have no problem with gaining ugly fat. This mindset is clearly just a distraction to avoid the challenging work involved in building new muscle. The work to gain fat is leisurely and pleasurable; the work to gain muscle is...well... hard work.  

People over 50 have but one choice if they are to maintain a healthy weight: challenging exercise coupled with a change in their current eating regimen. Think of it this way: your current way of eating has caused you to gain fat, so changing your eating pattern from recreational eating to nutritional eating, permanently, is the key to stop the weight gain and begin returning to a positive state of health.

Fad diets don’t work for the simple reason that people think of diets as temporary. People claim befuddlement when after “going off the diet” and returning to the way of eating that caused them to get fat in the first place, they “gain the weight back.” Lost weight in fact is gone forever, so people don’t “gain the weight back,” they are in truth gaining brand-new weight via intentional fat-gain eating.

Changing the way we eat, permanently, is the logical solution to problematic weight. But without taking up some form of challenging exercise the battle will only be half won.

Mr. Venice Contestant Arthur Hrvatin Jr.

Three bodybuilding contests are held in Venice Beach California each summer: Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day.

Arthur Hrvatin Jr. competed in the Over 50 category.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Time To Choose: Bodybuilder or Powerlifter?

Massively built and cut champion Chris Bumstead has nothing to prove.

Are you a Bodybuilder or Powerlifter? Don’t confuse the two.

Powerlifting is all about hoisting as much weight as you can possibly move—for competition, personal empowerment, or just plain ego. 

Bodybuilding is all about sculpting your body utilizing specific exercises designed and proven to accomplish exactly that end.

In every gym there are those who are struggling to perform bodybuilding exercises by utilizing inappropriate and counterproductive powerlifting poundages. For these people, questionable bragging rights (I can bench 400 lbs.!) take precedence over actual esthetic results.

One older online vlogger (who was never himself a champ) likes to brag how he “used to” perform biceps curls with a 65 lb. dumbbell, yet in a recent video I watched awesome bodybuilding champion Chris Bumstead using 40 lb. dumbbells for his biceps curl workout.

A champion is someone who doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone else—least of all trolls and insecure know-it-alls.

Mature Muscle Monday April 8

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Nobody Cares How Much You Can Lift, So Get Over It.

If I had to choose the number one reason why people aren’t making the progress they should be in their workout routine, it would be that they’re lifting more weight than they can handle. There has never been one day in my entire life when at the gym I did not see multiple—even the majority—of those present making this costly mistake.

People are actually concerned about what complete strangers at the gym think of them! Think about that.

Lifting more than we can handle sacrifices the number one thing that WILL build the kind of body people want: proper form. Many people seem to accept this intellectually, but in practice they will still overload the weight regardless.

This problem is made worse by YouTube videos made by fakers and schysters who are using movie prop weights and trying to pass them off as real. Many viewers do not realize the weights are fake and these types of videos produce negative feelings in some who don’t realize it’s all an act to get “likes.” How sad those individuals are whose “life”, such as it is, exists only while online, and who depend on fakery and electronic “likes” for personal validation.

Learning proper form is as easy as going on YouTube. However the majority of fitness how-to instruction on YT ranges anywhere from merely adequate to absurdly bad. Two of the very best instructors, both of whom have a gift for making things clear, are Jeff Cavaliere and Mike Thurston.

Friday, April 6, 2018