Friday, February 7, 2014

What's HIS Probem?

The claims made by rabid detractors of hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, that steroids shrink men’s testicles or cause “roid rage” and the like are preposterous lies. Whenever we hear a criticism, especially an impassioned emotional criticism — of anything or anyone — our first reaction should be, “What the hell is HIS problem?” not, “Please, tell me more, oh Wise One.”
The fascinating thing about the internet is how many people present themselves as experts in areas they know absolutely nothing about, and how they simply parrot disinformation they’ve read elsewhere online or heard on talk radio. People need to feel special and important, and spouting crap overheard elsewhere as if it is gospel is a common way for these individuals to prop up their ego.
Cigarettes are legal despite killing 400,000 American annually. Steroids are classified in the same group as heroin, yet steroids are non-addictive, and the only way people die from steroids is the same way they die from Tylenol — by taking so much that it damages their liver and kidneys. This steroid hysteria is insanity plain and simple, and yet people not only shrug their shoulders over this corporate and social hypocrisy, but eagerly volunteer to become disseminators of lies and disinformation concerning both.
I have stated before that I myself do not take any of these pharmaceuticals because of the adverse effect they have on my cholesterol and red blood cell count. The greatest advantage to my taking testosterone when I was able to safely do so under a physician's supervision was the enhancement of quality of life. Hormones are complicated things, regulating and affecting as they do a whole range of physical and emotional issues. A hormone we all produce naturally, testosterone, when production falls or fails, affects far more than just our physical strength. It detrimentally affects our mood by initiating depression and diminishing our positive outlook on life in general. Hormonal treatment is a balancing act that must involve a physician, a specialist preferably, one with much experience in the field.
Having been married to a physician for seven years, and attending social events where doctors after a few drinks begin to reveal the most outrageous attitudes, prejudices and biases, I became aware that ignorant doctors are just as common as ignorant plumbers, ignorant contractors, or anything else. Physicians who are anti-HRT have emotional reasons for their prejudice having no connection to the medical.

Counterfeit Online Drugs

If you have purchased drugs online — Pain killers, Viagra, Cialis, testosterone, HGH, steroids —  chances are excellent that you not only didn’t receive the actual drug, but that the “ingredients” pose a direct threat to your health.
About 2/3 of all the world’s counterfeit goods come from China. India is an especially active hotbed for bogus pharmaceuticals.
It has always been alarming to me when friends told me they purchase drugs on the street, since drug pushers aren’t exactly the most ethical humans on the planet, and God knows what they put in their wares. But still, these eager customers cling to the “nothing bad’s going to happen to me because I’m so smart and special” mantra as they merrily ingest questionable materials.
Counterfeiters have sunk so low as to market bogus cancer pharmaceuticals such as a phony form of Avastin, a chemotherapy infusion pharma, the counterfeit version having  infected the US supply chain in 2012. Automobile brake pads, computer chips, airliner replacement parts — even breakfast cereals like Cheerios are being counterfeited. The crash of the Concorde supersonic airliner in Paris in 2000 was directly due to the plane hitting a counterfeit airline part that fell off a DC10 airliner that preceded the Concorde on takeoff. Counterfeit parts have been found on the US President’s Air Force One 747 and Marine One helicopter.
People who buy counterfeit running shoes, purses, watches and the like are directly contributing to this threat to our everyday well-being by supporting the increasing power of these out-of-control underground industries.
So, how can we tell if a pharma is counterfeit or genuine? The truth is, we can’t.
If you visit you can watch a well-produced Canadian documentary titled Counterfeit Culture: