Saturday, March 29, 2014

Website Ad Blocking: Blame it On The True Villain

In recent months you've noticed the vast proliferation of intrusive ads on websites, such as the New York Times, Huffington Post, etc. Websites both big and small have made the brilliant decision to frustrate the shit out of visitors with auto-loading videos that freeze visitors' browsers and pop-ups that block content. Last week on one popped up after I clicked a headline, it ran a 30 second ad, then disappeared to reveal the "article" was a single paragraph, and worse, the "headline" that made me interested in it in the first place was misleading. Both GAWKER and HUFF POST are egregious examples of websites that have bought whole-hog into the misleading/lying headline bullshit. What kind of idiots think that misleading visitors and screwing up their computers with delaying tactics will be met with anything other than fury? The stupidity of any website owner to think that forcing visitors to click, watch, read and wait endlessly is bizarre, as with most of you, I just move on. A number of websites I used to visit have been deleted from my bookmarks and my mind.
Now, free software is proliferating that allows us to shut off these disprespectful annoyances, but the downside is that many websites make their income with advertising, and these websites are justifiably crying loud and clear that they may soon have to disappear.
I have seen online tirades by small website owners demonizing AdBlocker Plus and Ghostery, when in fact it's the website owners themselves who are to blame by allowing this gross intrusiveness in the first place. Hey website owners! Stop this crazed advertising invasion and go back to ads that visitors can click if they want to, rather than alienating visitors wholesale to such an extreme that they download AdBlocker.  The problem isn't the ad blocking software, it's the foolish website owners who have turned what used to be passive or optional participation in advertising into something mandatory, controlling and highly intrusive, and the result will be a disaster to especially smaller websites that have enough regard for visitors to not allow these auto-loading videos and javascript nightmare animation ads that freeze up our computers and turn internet browsing into a nightmare obstacle course.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Real Peanut Butter vs. Fake

REAL peanut butter is a great food for everyone, not just bodybuilders and strength trainers. But the kind that you’re eating might be crap.
Above you can see the same manufacturer sells both GOOD peanut butter and BAD peanut butter. The Adams 100% Natural is the good stuff; the Adams "No-Stir" is the bad stuff.

If the peanut butter you buy has any ingredient other than peanuts, then you’re buying trans fat-filled crap, or its slightly less-awful tropical-oil-filled crap.
Don’t be lazy. Buy the stuff with the peanut oil floating on top, like Adams or Laura Scudder’s, or the grind-it-youself variety from the health food store.
The manufacturers of Jif, Skippy, Adams No-Stir and the like sell off the peanut oil in their brands because it’s highly profitable, then they add back in garbage like trans fats, palm oil, coconut oil, sugar, flavorings and hard-to-pronounce chemical compounds, trying to restore some semblance of the taste and texture that REAL peanut butter already has in spades.
REAL peanut butter has only one ingredient: peanuts. Any addition — other than salt—
makes it non-peanut butter.

A Bad Egg — and Sperm

Self-loathing is a bizarre thing, whether it takes the form of a 400-pound human, or someone who works tirelessly against their own best interests. How troubling to see the people who need it most marching in the streets and hollering against Obamacare. Never mind that the USA is the only developed country on earth with no public healthcare program. Where does the self-loathing and convoluted “thought process” that demonizes one’s primary basic human right come from? As taxpayers the first perk we should enjoy for our tax contribution is access to an affordable fair plan whose goal is keeping its taxpaying citizens productive, healthy and alive. Dead people can’t buy things. Dead people can’t contribute to generating an economic recovery. Dead people pay no taxes. Cigarettes are not only legal in the US but are subsidized by our government. Making people sick — then dead at the rate of 400,000 Americans a year —drives nobody into the streets in protest, yet the wackos pour out the door into the lanes and avenues at the “threat” of accessible health care.
The female “celebrity” who blames her child’s autism on vaccinations is well known among her friends for her emotional problems and self-destructive and reckless lifestyle prior to her becoming pregnant, as well as during her pregnancy. Unwilling to take responsibility for her past choices, she now wants us all to suffer by placing OUR children at risk with her bat-shit crazy crusade that is now paying off in spades as we see diseases once thought eradicated now reemerging.
People — meaning both men and women — who refuse to accept responsibility that their smoking, drugging, boozing, junk fooding and whoring contributes overwhelmingly to the production of compromised eggs and sperm are fools. They damage themselves and thus damage their ability to produce viable cells. It’s a roulette wheel, and those that brag how reckless they were prior to or during pregnancy, claiming their child “turned out all right” have 18 years or so to observe just “how well” the kid came through in the aftermath of mommy and daddy’s partying years. Parents like to speak of schizophrenia, ADHD, autism, mental retardation and the like as if these things were just quirks of fate — as if it were no fault of their own that caused or contributed to their damaged baby.
Throughout my life I’ve been aghast at parents who actually blame their own kids for how they “turned out,” refusing to review what they themselves did or did not do that contributed or caused their child to be such a disappointment to them.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Eating Issues: Cravings and Whatnot

Other than “How old are you?” the question I get most is “What do you eat?”
I think I have a good understanding — in an obtuse way — of addiction and obsession, because I’m surrounded by people who routinely eat or drink what they are told they shouldn’t, but have a WTF attitude. I myself will polish off an entire bag of frozen Snickers minis in a few hours, so I do get it. But my personal quirk is I will rarely buy the stuff that I believe is bad for me. And that decision is painless for me, mostly, compared to everyone else I know. For them it takes teeth-grinding determination and self discipline. For me, it’s “so what?”
So for that reason my answering the question “What do you eat?” has no basis in reality for others.
For example, I never in my life have had food delivered to my door. Never. No pizza, no Chinese. Nothing. I’m also too lazy to put my shoes on and get in my car to go to the store when I have a craving. I’d rather do without. Laziness overrules cravings in my case. Also, I might lose my parking spot.
At the supermarket I might buy a bag of Snickers or a tub of Roselani ice cream or a bag of Lay’s chips, but never all three. That’s just me, because the person in front of me in the checkout line has his cart filled with little other than sweet snacks, Hot Pockets, cases of soda, and convenience/prepared foods. I also won’t buy frozen meal items, like Bertolli’s or PF Chang’s frozen meals or frozen lasagna, etc. Making a stir fry takes me the same amount of time, and I know what’s in it. I mean, freezing food preserves it, so why does frozen food have preservatives added? The ingredients list on the package is in a tiny point size for good reason. With all the bizarre chemicals these corporate assholes add to food, and I’m talking about petroleum products and the yoga-mat chemical that is stated to be present in at least 500 prepared foods, and also having worked in a restaurant for 3 years, I am not big on letting others make my food. So I don’t eat out very often, knowing as I do what goes on behind the scenes. And since the restaurant I worked in was a hot celebrity hangout, I figure if the owner was going to be as casual about cleanliness and food handling as he was with food that Streisand and Voigt and Minnelli were eating, I can only imagine what goes on at the chain restaurants.