Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dirty Hot Dogs And More: Vegans Beware

I probably buy less than one package of hot dogs a year, even though I love them, because I know what’s in them is the stuff that dog food makers reject :-) Nathan’s and Hebrew National are my favorites. Because Hebrew National is kosher I figure if I’m going buy a package of hot dogs I want the cleanest possible version. Recently a fascinating study by Clear Food geonomically analyzed 345 samples and 75 brands of hot dogs and sausages, and the findings were not what you might expect. Bizarrely the study found HUMAN DNA in 2% (6 samples) of the samples (!), but 2/3 of those samples were in VEGETARIAN products. Does this mean somebody lost a finger in the grinder? Spit in the mix? They didn’t elaborate on this oddity. Another bombshell for Vegetablearians is most of the POOR HYGIENE issues were found in a whopping 20% of the vegetarian products. Also 10% of the vegetarian products contained MEAT. The ingredients on the label may or may not not be accurate; labels of some vegetarian products exaggerated the amount of protein in the item by as much as 2.5 times. Holy cow! Vegans/Vegetarians who believe they are eating healthy need to know that they are being had, big time. Blind faith is exactly that: Blind. Visit this fascinating and entertaining webpage:
Clear Food - The Hot Dog Report from Clear Labs on Vimeo.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Stronger Than Ever at Age 73: Jacinto Bonilla

Stronger Than Ever at Age 73: Jacinto Bonilla

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Posture —Play It Straight

No matter how young, or how great one's plastic surgeon is, people of all ages who shuffle rather than stride, or take baby steps, or are bent over as they stand or walk out of sheer laziness, or sit slouched in a chair are broadcasting "I'm Gettin' Old" to all those within view. Looking younger and healthier isn’t just about from the neck up — your entire body telegraphs your "apparent" age.

 Proper posture is a painless way to immediately make an instant and dramatic change in your appearance and demeanor. It can take years off your body’s appearance and add years, or even decades, to the viability of your spine. Most back pain and low back spasms are caused by weak back and core muscles and are only exacerbated by poor sitting and standing posture.

Good posture will completely transform you. Who among us hasn’t been taken aback at some point to realize that reflection they see in a store window of that older person is actually their own? 

Stand tall, with your chest out, shoulders back, and stomach in. Stand relaxed, not stiff. 

Good posture makes your chest bigger, your tummy smaller and your butt tighter. Holding your head high pulls the facial muscles taut and lessens the volume of a double chin. You grow taller instantly and appear more confident and focused. Your body language says, “Respect me”. Your internal organs say “Thank you”.

Walking reveals your age by the length of your stride. As we age we take smaller, more hesitant steps. As you walk, concentrate on stretching each leg further, widening your stride: this is how younger people walk.

Friday, October 9, 2015

The Online Lunacy Never Ends: Fattening Vegetables?

The beginning of October 2015 brought an onslaught of articles seemingly everywhere online warning against “fattening” vegetables. Hopefully you rolled your eyes at this absurdity. Yes! It’s because of veggies that obesity is out of control on this planet! Let’s keep shoving fast food down our gullets washed down with plenty of sodas and frappacinos, followed by a toaster strudel “Now with 30% more frosting!” for dessert — but keep away from those fresh peas!
The internet is all about provoking a response so that the reader will click through, which makes for some pretty manipulative click baiting — and nobody likes being manipulated.