Monday, June 29, 2015

Pain In Hands Or Feet

I have stated what a mistake it is to "work through the pain” when exercising. Whether running, strength training, swimming laps or whatever, when it hurts, STOP. Stop and think and reevaluate. Most people can’t tell the difference between a temporary pain and an actual injury, so it’s best to take a breather while you figure it out.
However, with us Geezers, certain issues such as arthritis or rheumatism come in to play. Discomfort or pain in hands or feet for example keep many from exercising when in fact the exercise will help alleviate the pain.The trick is to know that this is the problem. For those who experience these pains or discomfort who have not been diagnosed with early arthritis, for example, it’s wise to get a doctor’s analysis. 
Warming up no matter what our age, or how often we exercise, is crucial.
“Use It Or Lose It” applies here. If you stop exercising, or hand off opening stuck lids on jars to somebody else, or curtail playing tug with your dog because of pain in your hands, this problem will only snowball. Keep activities in low gear until you warm up, then push yourself gently past the discomfort or pain as best you can.