Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Aerobic Weight Training

Photo: Age 48, Papaohaku. Hawaii

The Internet, having proven there is no shortage in today’s world of self-appointed “experts”, continues to spit out garbage information and manufactured controversies. For some long time now there has been a stupid argument over which is better, aerobic exercise such as jogging, stair-stepping, spinning, etc., or good old fashioned body-sculpting strength training with weights. You know, as if these are mutually exclusive.
People will jog, step and spin to exhaustion for the sake of an aerobic high but for some reason never thought to apply the same principal to weight training.
Watching people at the gym carry on 10-minute conversations between "sets" complaining how little progress they are making is just is par for the course.
So here’s the deal: shut up. The gym isn’t for socializing. Get your abs out of the way first: begin your workout with a warm up stretch, proceed to hanging leg raises, planking, crunches, you know mixing it up, keeping your ab muscles from getting accustomed to a routine workout, then move on to your arms, legs, whatever you had on your workout agenda that day. Your ultimate goal is to rest no more than 30 seconds between sets, or two minutes between exercise changes. Go, go, go.
Weight training aerobically gets your heart and lungs pumping, your veins whooshing, and your head cleared up from all the useless crap you think about as you sit on the preacher bench for five minutes daydreaming.
Keep going, Don’t stop.
Limp, do not walk, out of the gym.

Crybabies need not apply.