Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Magic Pill Syndrome

I got a call from someone searching for guests for a radio show on chronic back pain. Since I had chronic back pain in my early 30s and cured it, and have helped many others do the same, she was all gung-ho ...until I told her that the cure was losing weight, strength training to build all the supporting muscles in the back, and a gravity apparatus that many gyms have that allow people to safely stretch their spines and supporting muscles.
She was at least honest when she said "Our listeners frankly do not want to hear the same old-same-old. They do not want to lose weight and they certainly do not want to start lifting weights!!"
I said, "Exactly. They have a problem caused by their lifestyle which will be relieved or even cured when they change their lifestyle, and you're going to help enable them not to change their lifestyle and cure their pain by offering snake oil cures and wacko advice from new age shamans ".
She hung up on me. Imagine that.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What's Up With GNC and Vitamin World?

The world evolves as certain companies staunchly keep their feet planted in the stone age. These two has-beens have always required you to pay a fee to join their "club" in order to get a different pricing tier, which is insulting to other potential customers who refuse to pony up the extra dough. It's a matter of self esteem, I feel, not to participate in stores that require you to pay a fee to shop there or get better pricing.

Buy your supplements ONLINE, they are much cheaper, arrive fast and come in a far wider variety.

GNC's own store brand of whey protein has scary sky-high cholesterol, 70 grams per serving, while IsoPure only has 10 grams of cholesterol per serving. Read labels online and compare. Do not compare number of servings in a package; instead, note the number of grams of protein contained in each serving, multiply by the number of servings in the package to get the total of protein grams contained in that package, then divide that number into the price to see the cost per gram of protein.

I have no affiliation to any online retailer, but I find that have the best prices and an enormous selection.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Using Diet To Enhance The Look Of Your Muscles

Diet is a balancing act: calories in vs. calories out is the simplest way to explain diet.

If you want to lose fat that may be covering your abs, or keeping your arms from looking razor-sharp, try cutting back on fats and carbs. You can still eat enough food so as not to feel deprived by choosing those foods wisely.

Low-fat and non-fat is an obvious choice in dairy and other foods. Frozen dinners, restaurant food and any food prepared by others will contain much more fat than you want, so making your own food is the answer. Trouble is, most people don't want to spend the time shopping, prepping and cooking, so serious members of the fitness community resort to the simplest foods, such as chicken breasts, broccoli, oatmeal and other classic bodybuilder foods. Their goal to look a certain way supercedes their desire to indulge their cravings and tastebuds. But if you cook, the choices available in the low-fat, low-carb category expand exponentially in relation to your eagerness to create tasty meals.

For starters, buy non-fat products and cut back on carbs, such as bread, pasta and rice. We need carbs to fuel our workouts and provide energy, so experiment to find a balance between fat loss and a good level of energy retention.

The best way to lose fat is slowly, so you don't lose hard-won muscle along with it. Crash diets will decimate your physique.

No food satisfies as much or for as long as having a great physique does.

Flexsolate Straps Help You Keep Your Mind Focused

I do not work for Flexsolate or have any promotional ties with the company. This is a fine product that allows you to do what is so difficult to do otherwise: isolate your target muscle.
By removing your hand from the exercise, and thus your wrist and forearm, all your focus can be placed on the target muscle as you exercise, allowing for faster improvements with no extra work or time involved. These straps are especially excellent for back exercises, an area many people have problems developing.

Watch the video to see how they work:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nancy Snyderman Quacks

Steroids may not exactly be harmless when abused or taken in extreme doses, but they are far less a threat to the user than large doses of Tylenol and other over-the-counter uncontrolled pharmaceuticals. Like any pharmaceutical, when taken as prescribed, steroids and Tylenol are mostly benign, or else neither would have won FDA approval. The media loves to get all inflamed about steroids because they are a safe distraction, a hot-button issue employed to rile up those ignorant of the easily-learned facts. I do not take steroids, or even testosterone, although I legally qualify for both under a doctor's supervision.

MSNBC's "Dr." Nancy Snyderman is one of a virtual army of amped-up talking heads spouting nonsense in all directions, and I'm pretty weary of these goons who never stop vomiting untruths, half-truths and outright lies all over us.

It's bad enough that the general public is completely ignorant when it comes to the subject of steroids, but a so-called doctor spouting lies right there on my TV is outrageous. Anything for a chance to bump up your ratings a bit, eh, Nance?

Preposterously and recklessly inferring that most commercial popular protein powders contain steroids, even though her two talking-head guests told her she was mistaken, Nancy rolled right over their insolence at not blindly supporting her bogus claims and dusted off the time-worn TV graphic outlining all the nasty "side effects" of steroid use, which are absolutely bogus. These side effects could possibly --but not necessarily-- occur as a result of long-term steroid abuse, but not by taking prescribed dosages.

Such extreme side effects from steroids would require extreme dosages taken over long time periods to do such harm, just as aspirin, cough syrup or any other pharmaceutical would.

Steroids are a safe hot-button issue that boneheads like Nancy Syderman, et al, roll out on a slow news day or during ratings sweeps so they can act all enraged without anyone calling them on the carpet for it.

So, I'm calling you out, Nancy. You're an irresponsible fraud.

By the way, one of the side effects of Tylenol is death, yet any five year old can purchase it at the corner convenience store. 53,000 Americans ended up in the nation's emergency rooms last year due to Tylenol reactions. 100 of these died. Oh, but Tylenol is one of your sponsors, aren't they Nancy? Yeah. Well, you sure don't want to piss them off by passing these statistics on to your viewers, now, do you?