Sunday, April 3, 2016

REVIEW: "Soup" as Dessert: A Fascinating New Idea From Campbell's.

Campbell’s Tomato Basil Bisque “Soup” tastes fucking disgusting.

It is hard to imagine that people sit around at Campbell’s headquarters to taste-test this glop without having vomit buckets at the ready. The amount of SUGAR in this gunk is absolutely horrifying, and I say that as someone with an almost insatiable sweet tooth. SOUP IS NOT DESSERT. To add such a shameful amount of SUGAR to a food item that by tradition requires absolutely NONE is criminal.

 After a few spoonfuls of Campbell's Frankensoup it occurred to me that I had turned down the offer of a couple of chocolate chip cookies earlier in the day in my quest to eat more healthily, when in fact those oatmeal-chocolate chip-walnut cookies would have been a far healthier choice than this slop.

According to the label — and don’t believe for a moment that these companies are being honest or accurate as per the information on their labels — this package claims to contain two servings, when in fact for a grown man it is a single serving. It also states there are 40 grams of sugar (!!!) contained in the package. Forty! However, I dispute that figure as being too low since this “soup” is as sweet as an equal serving of pudding.

Forget for a moment about it being disgusting, it’s literally a threat to your health. No wonder diabetes is rampant in developed countries; sugar is dumped in virtually every packaged and canned food.

Keep a couple of cans of chicken broth and canned chicken breast in your cupboard and a package of frozen veggies in your freezer. It takes less than one minute to open those cans, pour the contents into a saucepan, dump in some frozen veggies and as fast as it takes to heat up this Campbell’s abomination, you’ll have a far better tasting and nutritionally superior COMPLETE MEAL.

Take it from someone who worked for three years in a Los Angeles restaurant super-popular with celebrities — you never want to let other people prepare your food.