Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hanes Designs "Activewear" For Everyone Except Those Who Are Active

The new "Hanes Sport" line of so-called activewear showcases, among other things, big baggy shorts that graze the knee in length. Pro Basketball nonsense aside, wearing big baggy shorts while attempting to engage in vigorous athletic activity is not just an impediment, but hot and uncomfortable as well. Hanes isn't interested in fit people or those working to become fit.

The proof lies in their questionaire asking buyers to rate/review the items. As seen above, they want reviewers to reveal their body type. Not one of the choices they offer even hints at a fit, athletic, or muscular body type — as most athletic people's body type would be.

(The "Fit" as seen below "What Is Your Body Type?" refers to whether the garment runs true to size or not.)