Friday, September 22, 2017

Brooklyn Beckham: Workout Your Body, Not Your Ego.

Watch the video: click this link:

The foundation of your workout routine should be governed by exercising your body rather tthan exercising your ego.

Your primary goal—if you expect lifelong fitness and mobility—is safety. That means no Jackass stunts. No crazy crossfit moves you are physically unprepared and incapable of executing. No preposterously heavy weights. No macho assholes egging you on to exceed your physical limits. 

A recent video on Instagram of David Beckham’s 17 year old son performing squats is a great example. Two older male voices are heard off camera, barking instructions as Beckham peforms apparently very heavy squats with no safety and no spotter. If either of these voices is a paid trainer, Brooklyn needs to fire them, STAT. Why Brooklyn Beckham is working out in a gym that doesn’t have a squat cage or rack with safety stops is the first important question. I assume in watching this video he’s relying on “older” and “more experienced” males to guide/instruct/train him. In the end he loses his balance, and with no safety apparatus to catch the barbell, he could well have injured himself badly. I was also suspicious that a young man with undeveloped quads could—or should—be squatting with what appears to be over 300 lbs.

Ego is the primary enemy of fitness progress and gym safety.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Your Elbow Joints Are Nothing More Than Hinges


An online trainer on YouTube who I otherwise respect talks about performing triceps exercises by advising that people begin their triceps routine with pushdowns “in order to maintain elbow health.” Triceps exercises properly performed pose  no challenge to elbow health. This tells me he is hyperextending and/or locking out during his triceps exercises, that is, he is unnecessarily challenging his elbow JOINT in what is a MUSCLE-challenging exercise.

You should never challenge your joints. Joints are not designed to be challenged, to bear weight, or to move in opposition of their intended arc or range.

To make progress it is essential that you earn to isolate your individual muscles— your pecs, calves, lateral deltoids, etc. Learning to isolate, to put any given muscle in gear right before performing the exercise just as you do your motor vehicle, is the key to muscle growth and joint injury advoidance.

Guard your joints, especially your elbows, shoulders and knees. They are not muscles. They are not designed to bear weight:  They are NOT shock absorbers. Those things are what your muscles are designed for. Your muscles that surround the joint bear the weight and stress and absorb shock, ensuring that the joint can safely bend or rotate well into old age. Our joints are merely hinges — that’s all they are.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Here We Go Again.

The New York Times is on a desperate mission to absolve overeaters from any responsibility for their poor physical condition. In the last year alone a spate of mindless articles have been published colluding with the fat and the unfit to reinforce what they’re always telling anybody who’ll listen: “It’s not my fault!”

So here we go again. Now it’s our gut bacteria that’s keeping people from doing what they damn well know they have to be doing in order to stay mobile, balanced, energetic, healthy, attractive, youthful, etc., etc..

The shopping baskets, kitchen cupboards and refrigerators of overweight people tell the true tale, always.  Overweight people consume more calories than they burn. This simple fact being a ridiculously easy thing to fix, people instead complicate the issue extraordinarily so as to justify their choice not to.

Hey NYT—who exactly does this article and others like the aforementioned serve anyway? No articles showing studies that reinforce the life-enhancing benefits of eating nutritionally rather than recreationally and a challenging exercise routine exercise appear as regularly or on such a high profile manner in your newspaper. Obviously there are a lot of overweight, not-my-fault people on your staff—and an army of readers in denial you're kowtowing to.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

FOOD: Feeling Deprived?

Photo: Hamburger Hamlet, Sherman Oaks CA

Feeling deprived that you can’t have the exact kind of food you desire in the exact quantity and at the exact moment you crave it?

Poor baby! Here’s a radical thought:

How about feeling deprived of the strength you need to rescue yourself or your children from a sinking automobile, a house fire or a violent attacker? How about feeling deprived because you can’t run two blocks to save your life, can’t find flattering clothes, don’t get the respect or opportunities from others you feel should rightfully receive? How about feeling deprived about your lack of stamina between the sheets? Nobody seems to express angst or deprivation about any of that stuff!

How about feeling deprived instead that you don’t enjoy the exact level of health, the range of mobility, or the beautiful body hidden underneath all that fat and unchallenged muscle awaiting your getting off your ass to do something about it?

Yeah, sure, go right ahead and keep making FOOD a top priority, along with everything else people choose to  medicate with: cigarets, drugs and booze, for starters.

I have no investment in what others choose to do. Keep right on volunteering for diminished capacity, premature aging and physical degradation, day after day, year after year. But please, just stop whining about it.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

How Long Should My Workouts Last?

Richard Sullivan @ age 56

Q: How Long Should My Workouts Last?  

A: One online trainer whose advice I usually think is fantastic recently stated that a workout should last no longer than one hour—with 40 minutes being “ideal.” Wait—what?

Another stated, offering no proof other than his hubristic opinion, that “your” muscles no longer respond to your workout exercises after an hour, you know,  because he’s acquainted with you personally—not.

My workout lasts two hours or more, because I really like working out. I love all the benefits. It zaps away daily stresses. I think of nothing else but the workout during those 2 hours. Whatever was bothering me when I walked into the gym is no longer bothering me when I walk out. Even on the cusp of age 70 I build new muscle and bone. That feels good and looks good and is literally anti-aging, as most people at age 70 are deteriorating, especially their muscle and bone, totally needlessly. I can’t stop the aging process but I can stop certain aspects of it. Lastly, nobody, even those offering “scientific proof” ever infuence me when my own personal experience tells me they don’t know what they’re talking about.

So, my advice to you is work out as long as you feel like. Slow down your workout so as to make every rep a deliberate mindful movement, concentrating as much on the negative portion of the exercise as the positive. People who think a workout is something to zoom through just get it out of the way will find their results minimal.

You get out of it what you put into it.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Gwyneth Paltrow Knows What's Best For You, So Shut Up And Get Out Of The Way.

Watch the woman who thinks she knows what's best for you
put her own daughter's life on the line.

My previous post cautioned about signing on to someone’s bullshit based on their sheer brazen hubris: the know-it-all personality.

The Atlantic Magazine presented a clear-headed piece on actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her crazily-popular goop website (here.)

It doesn’t take a surplus of brain cells to figure that Paltrow is no authority on things medical, much less health-related. But she thinks she is:

Featherheaded women in droves are attracted to this Hollywood celebrity's website dispensing new age advice and selling magical potions at sky-high prices—and they're clamoring to buy.

He Said, He Said: Who To Believe?

Richard Sullivan @ age 53

Conflicting advice from so-called “experts” drives people crazy. Whether it’s about food, exercise, supplements, or mothers-in-law, we’re being bombarded from all sides: youtube, internet news sites, celebrity blogs, Instagram stars, loud-mouths at the gym, etc.

After viewing some  blow-hards’ videos on youtube I cringe at commenters who thank or praise the author for their views or advice, my experience telling me the advice is bogus, thoughtless, naive, dangerous, or all four.

Fact is, only you and your brain can decide whose advice to follow and whose to reject. Our personal  worldview has a lot to do with that decision, as we tend to follow or listen to those who we feel share our values or are more like us.

Are there bad foods we should avoid? of course. Are there bad exercises we should never do at the gym, bad machines we should never use at the gym? Well, not so fast there. Some youtube exercise/fitness “gurus” who I agree with most of the time have stated nonsense with regard to “bad exercises” or machines which were only bad in their case because these gurus were demonstrating their own poor form in performing these exercises.

The root of this problem lies with the public's looking for quick fixes or some antidote to the complicated decision-making  process. To these people I say “slow down,” and then do your homework. Watch comparative videos—and lots of them—and proceed cautiously with anyone advising you to go to extremes, such as “work through the pain” (never do that), or lift more weight than you know you can handle. Attention-seekers go to extremes to attract attention, so don’t be so easily led. Be skeptical. Do your homework. Devote yourself to learning your craft. Finally, understand that because someone claims something outlandish or extreme  worked for them does not translate it will work for you.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

There’s No Cure For Stupid.

Circa 1915: Abe Boshes was American President Woodrow Wilson's
personal trainer from 1917-1924.

Ignorance is one's lack of knowledge; stupidity is one's rejection of knowledge. 

And there’s no changing the minds of those non-achievers who scream “steroids!” at everyone who's ever excelled at what they themselves have failed at.

Virtually every fitness and bodybuilding video online is deluged with disparaging comments from losers who are crying big girlie tears because they cannot summon the slightest motivation to get their asses to the gym or to work out at home.

Hundreds of photos—called “cabinet cards” in days of yore—can be viewed online of spectacularly built men from the 1800s and early 1900s, long before steroids existed. However, supplying such “proof” to this subgroup of desperate deniers changes nothing in their eyes, because hanging on to their self-serving worldview overwhelms all else. To hell with facts, right?

Not to ignore either the obvious obsession of many of these same males who spend hours searching for and watching videos of men with beautiful bodies. Like the schoolboy who pulls the hair of the schoolgirl he has a crush on so as to disguise his attraction to her—lest his friends rag on him about it—these commenters leave disparaging comments about their crushes to cover for their attraction to these men. It’s called Psychology 101. Hey, don’t blame the messenger for seeing so clearly what these Sad Sacks think they’re hiding—after all, that's why they're called stupid.

Add to this the smorgasbord of insecurities that most men are trying to hide, and you end up with a whole lot of nasty, volatile, violent guys who feel justified in their anger.

Steroids are the miracle fountain of youth everyone’s been searching for, and thus serve nicely as the main go-to excuse for losers who need some way to justify their failure at something so ridiculously simple as building muscle, you know, because they're "morally superior."

To hide the fact you take steroids under a doctor's supervision is ridiculous. To believe you need steroids to build impressive muscle is wrong. To demonize steroids as your personal excuse for failing to achieve the body you've always wanted is to embarrass yourself.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

How A Protein Powder Tastes Is The Least Of It.

What does it say about people when overwhelmingly their reviews for all protein powders focus on taste?

Go to any site that sells protein powders and marvel at how few, if any, customers have anything to say about efficacy or quality.

True, for the average person, determining how effective a protein powder is at building muscle is difficult as few are willing to keep the necessary daily records to support their claim.

There is a high level of trust given the company LabDoor, which independently tests all kinds of supplements for both quality and price.

Go to and see how your chosen supplements rate. How your protein powder tastes should be the least of your concerns, especially since all you have to do is add flavorings or sweeteners to please your palate.

The ONLY Thing In Life We Can Control Is Our Own Body

Except for our own body, we control nothing.

Everything else in life that is meaningful requires the cooperation of other people. We need other people to agree to any sort of relationship with us. We need other people to hire us, promote us, buy our products or services, to provide aid and inclusion, to grow our food, to make shelter available to us.

When it comes to health, fitness and well-being, great emotion surrounds these issues because despite denial and arguments to the contrary, only we get to decide—and when it’s clear we decided wrong, we are angry and ashamed. And as hard as we may try, there is no one else to blame.

Blaming or justifying does not turn back the clock, but changing our ways certainly can. People, especially older people, have two choices: either call a dead stop your bullshit or continue driving toward the cliff.

I have no personal investment in others’ choices, but when self destructive people experiencing the results of their bad decisions demand accommodation from me, I get angry, especially when the powers that be agree with them and take away from those who made the right decision so as to provide accommodations for those who did not. But I personally cannot control that, as it is the way a delinquent society works. The vast majority of society's members  do not work committedly toward good health, either physical or mental. The great majority—as evidenced by the ridiculous obesity statistics—intentionally pursue a self-destructive path. But there will be no winners among them, as we all die alone with our regrets. There is no comfort at the end of their lives for those self-destructive people whose last months or years are spent in physical pain and mental anguish.

In a world in which we have little power, taking control of the ONLY area of power we do have makes all the difference in our quality of life and our sense of well-being. Tick-tock.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

This is GQ Magazine's Idea Of "Most Stylish." No, I'm Not Kidding.

It's been a while since I ragged on "GQ" (apparently "GQ" is the polar opposite of "IQ") magazine for their staff's unending absurdity, so there's this:

The GQ slideshow is titled "How New York’s Most Stylish Men Dress Right Now" and these poor guys as well as others like them have the distinction of a men's "fashion" magazine elevating them to Style God status.

They did not ask to be photographed as they walked down the street, so they can dress any way they wish. But when a periodical is so disconnected from its readership — not to mention reality — as to highlight sloppiness and ill-fitting garb as an example of "most stylish," then enough said.

In a society with way too much unemployment it's troubling to realize people are actually being paid to disseminate this sort of mindless garbage online.

"Start Something New": Are You Volunteering For Old Age?

95 year old Dr. Charles Eugster

No matter how old you are, if you’re not actively building and strengthening bone and muscle, you’re losing bone and muscle. It’s your choice.

Seeing old people a decade or more younger than myself limping and unbalanced, looking ready to topple over, is a powerful image in that these people for the most part invited this condition into their lives. Human nature of course requires most to deny they had anything to do with it or could have prevented it.

Even so, when people realize their mobility has been compromised and they are fast going downhill they still do nothing about the problem other than spend money on pills or powders they convince themselves will reverse the damage.

We can either choose to be among this sorry group or we can maintain ourselves physically to extend our youthful abilities indefinitely. Or we can be like 95 year old Dr. Charles Eugster and try something we've never tried before. 

Those who argue vehemently against this fact are the very people who refuse to take responsibility for what they have already lost.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Fitness Bands Do Break!

As an enthusiastic user of fitness bands for at-home workouts, I check my bands before every workout for signs of fatigue, wear, or splits. Even so, I had two fail on the same day recently. One snapped me hard in the hand rather than the face, for which I was grateful. I now face away from the band as much as possible as a further safety precaution. Manufacturers recommend bands be replaced after 90 days of heavy use, and I do heavily use mine.

For extreme use, such as the gravity-defying chest exercises Erik Janicki demonstrates in the photo above, I place chair cushions on the floor in front of me to land on just in case a band fails mid-exercise.

Another precaution I take is teaming up two (or more) lighter bands instead of using a single heavy band. This way the stress is distributed over 2 (or more) bands instead of all the stress being put on a single band. If one fails, the fallout should not be as severe.

I also make sure the mirror I am looking into is out of my reach so that I don’t inadvertently crash into it. YouTube FAIL videos have taught me how easily dangerous shit can happen that you never foresaw.

Amazon has many choices in fitness bands priced currently between $18.99 and $26.99. Replacing them 4X a year comes in at about $100, cheaper than any gym membership I know about.

I just ordered the $18.99 version due to the many positive reviews and will review this set in a month or two after I’ve put them to heavy use. Watch for it.

SALSA Is The Friend Of Fitness

When I read that an actor in training for a superhero role is existing on dry chicken breast, I go “Huh?”

Who eats like that if they don’t have to? It’s hard to gulp down food that isn’t enjoyable, and low-calorie and low-fat do not have to be synonymous with tasteless.

Salsa is delicious—for the two or three of you who have yet to discover Mexican food. Salsa is a very tasty low calorie accompaniment to all kinds of protein: chicken, beef, fish, pork, eggs. Salsa’s great on steamed vegetables and on rice.

Salsa is non-fat and low calorie, yet crammed with savory goodness as well as being very easy and inexpensive to make, and it requires no cooking. Google “authentic Mexican salsa” to view recipes, or buy a commercial brand, but check the label first for non-essential ingredients like sugar, fats or artificial flavors.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Save Yourself

Whenever you see anyone at the gym exceeding their limits, put as much distance between them and you as possible.

Amazing how many of these idiots have an expectation that others will jump in to rescue them even as they put all those around them in danger with their ego-fueled shenanigans.

Watching a few of the gym/crossfit FAIL videos on YouTube, it’s disturbing how many bystanders put themselves in harm’s way trying to save people who have no business being in a gym in the first place. Be smart enough not to endanger yourself via someone who’s willfully exceeding their limits.

There’s a clinical term psychologists apply to those individuals who arrogantly fancy themselves as rescuers of stupid people: they’re called “stupid people.”

Monday, August 28, 2017

Supplements Are Just One Example Of Distraction - Recognize and Avoid Distractions

My previous post on supplements hinted that, for many people, supplements are a panacea, a substitute for the actual work that has to go into the workout, a distraction. Those who are merely going through the motions at the gym or in their home workout will not reap the rewards.

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times Millennials are spending big on trendy places to sweat - LA Times
made me chuckle, especially after the Times changed the original title which stressed that this group was “bored.” With this wrongheaded mindset of being bored, or looking for the latest trendy thing, few of these hop-scotching people will achieve what they desire longterm because their head is not in the game. If you are going to the gym and getting results you will never be “bored.” Neither will you be looking around for the next trendy thing to jump on, because you’ll be too excited and preoccupied over your current progress.

As a personal trainer I understand that people get stuck for a lot of reasons. The first is lack of desire to acquire necessary knowledge. No matter what your goal in life—to be a better carpenter, to code better, to run faster and farther, to build a physique that matches your ideal—you have to educate yourself. You have to read, watch videos, learn from others, practice to become better, listen to advice (then accept it or discard it based on your particular circumstance), and above all you have to invest the time—ongoing time. No matter what you want to master, there is no end-time, there is no learning all there is to know about it. The process to become really really good at what you desire is ongoing. There’s always a new way of doing things, a new angle at which to attack a problem.

The bottom line is DESIRE. People who make excuses (pain, time, money, energy) but make no effort to solve their stated problem will of course fare less well than those who tackle the problems. If you want an impressive physique then you’ll find a way. Making excuses tells me, as a trainer, that you’d like the end result but will not commit to the steps required to achieve that.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

They’re Called Supplements, Not Substitutes.

Most of us have seen that guy at the gym who spends an hour or less just gabbing with people, who as he leaves, stops to spend $100 or more on supplements.

I see guys on Instagram mixing up batches of everything from pre-workout to post-workout supplements that they credit their gains to. I don’t buy it, and not just because of the absence of scientific proof.

The current mindset created by supplement companies is that what’s keeping you from attaining your desired result is the absence of their products in your nutritional plan.

What’s actually keeping you from attaining your goal is a lack of effort, both at the gym, and in your off-hours when you should be vetting YouTube videos rather than watching crap.

In my younger years I was guilty of thinking that “homework” was the last thing I wanted after spending a grueling 90 minutes at the gym, and thus I made little headway. It was not until I embraced the self-educational aspect of fitness, meaning learning from others, that I began to excel.

The only supplement you need is protein, as it is difficult to get all that your challenged muscles require just from conventional food. I have researched dozens of other supplements over the years, but nothing other than creatine makes any sense for me, as creatine allows your muscles to retain their vital water, making them fuller.

Spend your money as you wish, but nothing will benefit you more than learning and applying proper technique and good form to your chosen exercises.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

High-Protein, Cheap and Tasty - And Easy On The Calories.

Often now I’ve seen actors who play super-heroes in movies do interviews where they all lament how they were forced to eat little other than chicken breasts and broccoli during the months they trained for the role.

This unappealing eating regimen has become almost the default—and for no good reason. There are plenty of other foods, and even interesting ways to prepare chicken and broccoli, to make eating pleasurable again, rather than a chore.

The easiest and best of these is SOUP.

A basic soup would take no time at all: a carton of chicken broth, a can of chicken breast and frozen vegetables of choice. That’s it! It's never a good idea to allow others, whether it be some giant food corporation or your local restaurant, to determine what goes into your food.

You can increase the protein content and taste by adding to the above simple recipe a can of refried beans and a measure of uncooked rice, allowing the rice about 10 minutes additional cooking time to absorb the tasty liquid. Beans combined with rice make a complete muscle-building protein.

Consider also adding spices, such as herbs de provence, salt, Thai 7-spice, garlic powder, MSG, red pepper flakes and more. The spices at your local health food store that you purchase in bulk form - as opposed to pre-measured supermarket kind - are cheaper, usually fresher and of greater variety.

Make enough soup to last you a few days. Then, when you walk in the door famished, there you have an already-prepared microwavable meal ready to eat in literally two minutes. I make enough to freeze so I always have a meal on hand when I'm too lazy to cook or go to the store. Otherwise in my hunger-panic I might end up grabbing an unproductive snack food like cookies or crackers that distances me from my goal.

Here’s Your Instant MakeOver - You’re Welcome.

Richard Sullivan at age 60

As a professional photographer allow me to tell you that many of the photos you see online and in print of celebrities and everyday people are meticulously curated.
This means that despite the often casual, off-the-cuff vibe the photo exhibits, much care and thought has gone into its creation.

For a fitness blogger or Instagram star POSTURE is the number one most important detail of any selfie or posed shot. Most people do not display great posture 24/7 because… gravity.

Gravity is pulling us down always and good posture requires the ongoing fight against gravity. So, stand tall, shoulders down, back and relaxed. Chest out, forward, stretched a bit. Legs spread apart, knees unlocked. Stomach pulled in. Spine elongated, as in, standing as tall as your body allows. That’s a lot!

Readjusting our posture provides an instant makeover. Nothing we can do is so comparatively effortless and at the same time makes a HUGE difference in our physique. Working to improve and solidify good posture makes all the difference in our looks but also in the message we’re sending out: that we are confident and excel physically.

I don’t have the mental energy to be totally aware at all times of my posture. The worst posture for me is when I am working in the kitchen, a room which, because I rarely eat out, I constantly inhabit. When I’m not cooking or eating I am prepping or cleaning up - which I don’t enjoy and thus find myself rushing through the task to get it over with - and that’s when my posture goes to hell. When I catch myself I immediately go into good posture mode, but I don’t always become aware right away or remain aware as I am preoccupied with the kitchen tasks.

Another poor posture time is while driving. I wasn’t even aware of this until I came across a YouTube video by a video blogger that pointed this out and offered solutions. Go to YouTube and search “driving posture” for the many videos on this overlooked subject.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

What Is It That Drives The Food Nazis?

The Control Freaks who scream and evangelize about the supposed dangers of various foods—and the lists of their enemy foods are endless—meat, grains, vegetables, carbs, gluten, fats, sugar, salt, dairy, and on and on—need some serious therapy.

People who are so obtuse as to not recognize their own dysfunction and who, despite no evidence, present themselves as all-knowing experts on things such as nutrition or fitness whose goal is to harass and troll others are just begging to be ghosted. So do it.

It’s actually fear that makes the world go ‘round, rather than love. People are incredibly complicated as we all know, and it’s a waste of time to try to figure them out. The best option is to reject and ignore those who preach and divert all their energy into trying to convert you to their ways.

Recognize toxic Control Freaks for who they are when they come barging into your life, and for your own sake get rid of them. Shut them off, unfriend them, move on. Allowing toxic people space in your life leaves less room for the healthy, positive, supportive people we all require for a happy, balanced existence.

The compulsion to convert others—whether it be to food, fitness choices, religion, politics—illustrates an urgency to seek validation. People don’t put energy into converting others unless they’re insecure about their own choices. The philosophy being, if I can convince you to come over to my side, then that alleviates some of the nagging doubts and questions that I’m having concerning my choice. 

Going to extremes is without exception a troubling behavior, and those who go to extremes are quite openly telling the rest of us how unbalanced they are. To paraphrase Maya Angelou, when people tell you how unbalanced they are, believe them—the first time.

Friday, August 4, 2017

“Body Acceptance" = Giving Up

Fat people it seems have given up on losing weight. Now they are evalgelizing about "body acceptance" which is code for giving up.

 “Accepting” your circumstance is no different when it comes to your poor physical state than “accepting” your poor mental health, or the poor state of your finances, the poor state of your marriage, the poor state of your career.

It’s called Giving Up.

We do not have millions wailing in protest over “undue pressure” to better their relationships, or their income, or their parenting, or their financial or career success. So what is it about losing weight that so rankles people? I’ll tell you: In order to achieve all other forms of success you need the cooperation of others, therefore, when things don’t go your way you can place the blame on them. Not so with eating.

You need other people’s cooperation to buy your product or service, to have a successful relationship, to get a promotion, to provide you with money for whatever reason, and thus when you are not successful in these areas, you can blame others.

However, when it comes to obesity, no one is shoving fast food down your gullet. No one is duct-taping you to the couch. There is no one or nothing else to blame, though people valiantly try: genetics, metabolism, thyroid.

Fat: it’s all on you—literally.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Fitness Bands Provide A Unique Result

I used to scoff at fitness bands. I mean, really? The Rubber Band Workout? How absurd. To me it reeked of 1 a.m. infomercial material. 

Boy, was I wrong!

Fitness bands are unlike free weights, unlike machines, unlike cables. Fitness bands, because they keep the target muscle under constant tension provide a unique feel and a unique result.

For decades I’ve made fun of those people who without any proof whatsoever argue that “real” muscle can only be built using free weights, and that gym machines were a cop out—stated with authority as if science had conducted a double-blind study to back their ridiculous conclusion.

As those of us who have dramatically changed our bodies well know, ALL resistance training builds and shapes muscle, and arguing about which is superior is a waste of time and intellect.

“Mix it up” is the advice I’ve taken. Keep your muscles guessing. Don’t fall into the rut of a habitual unchanging workout. Keep your workout interesting. Experiment. There is no one answer or method to building muscle or pursuing fitness. 

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Delusions Of Grandeur: How About A Spot, Bro?

Gym Idiots At Work

You’ve no one else to blame if you step up to help some dildo try and move a literal ton of weight he can’t handle on his own.

Never in my life have I asked anyone to put themselves at risk to “spot” me. When some idiot totally out of his league asks me for a spot, I say no.

Oh, so now you don’t like me, stranger-without-a-clue, because unlike your mommy, I told you ‘no’? Now you’re pissed because I see you’re a fool and decline to put myself in harm’s way so you can inflate your ego with some false “accomplishment?”

Watch some “Gym Fail” videos on youtube to expand your knowledge of just how many entitled delusional jerkoffs there are in the nation’s gyms hurting themselves, hurting their spotters, and putting everyone in their vicinity in harm’s way.

Have enough self-regard and self-esteem to just say no to spotting and the insecure bully-boys who demand it, no matter how capable the guy looks.

Amazing Transformation: Pavel Ladziak

Polish citizen Pavel Ladziak's journey might just be the kick in the ass inspiration you've been looking for (click here).

Friday, July 28, 2017

How Old Is “Older”?

The Daily Mail has a pictorial of “older” men it terms “silver foxes.” All these guys are late 40s-early 50s. Considering the small percentage of the population that is in super-shape, as these guys are, I am impressed with anyone of any age who puts their nose to the grind stone and works hard to achieve their fitness goals, but especially those people over 40.

Having said that, being in incredible shape at age 50 is much more common today that say, 20 years ago. I do see men and women in their 70s online who defy all the underachievers’ justifications and excuses who could give these younger-older guys a run for their money.

Nevertheless, take a look (click here) and see if you are inspired by these guys to up your game in your efforts to achieve superior fitness.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The “Unfair Advantage” Charade.

If you’ve watched fitness videos on YouTube and scrolled down to the comments you’ve read the nasty poisonous whining and crying from those underachievers screaming “unfair advantage!”

Unable to get themselves to the gym—or even down onto the floor to do pushups—they are infuriated that others have managed to build impressive physiques while they struggle both mentally and physically to do so, and they lash out hatefully. 

Other underachievers do indeed go to the gym, but see no changes in themselves because they have no clue as to do their exercises properly. With the thousands of instructional workout videos on YouTube, there is no excuse for this. 

We all have witnessed the incompetency of others in our own gyms, and certainly the hundreds of “Gym Fail” videos on YouTube graphically attest to the gross idiocy of the many dangerously clueless among us.

The favorite “unfair advantage” argument is the unfounded accusation that anyone who has a better body than the whiners do uses steroids. The second-favorite excuse is the genetic advantage, meaning those who have built great physiques were blessed genetically in ways the whiners were not.

If you find yourself scrambling for excuses why you have not achieved your goals, think twice before exposing yourself, even as an anonymous online commenter. Understand how demeaning you’re being to yourself, and that most people, although they won’t tell you directly, see right through your charade.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Hey Pentagon! I Can Save You $Millions!

Business Insider has a story (click) about the deep-pocket Pentagon’s quest to develop “Super Soldiers” via futuristic technology like Super Underpants that made me giggle for it’s ludicrousness, mainly because American soldiers (and police officers) are, first and foremost, so fucking fat. If you live near a US military installation you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Dear General Pentagon Sir,
Want Super Soldiers? Put all military personnel on a mandatory diet and fitness program, no exceptions. The Pentagon dictates to military personnel how they can and cannot wear their goddamn hair, for fuck’s sake, yet not that they must be physically fit to fight?
You’re welcome.
Richard Sullivan, citizen and taxpayer.

The Military Times (click) has multiple stories fully acknowledging this easily-fixable issue.

Look Great In Your Clothes

We don’t work out only to look good in a bathing suit or naked. We work out because clothes look so much better on a fit body. The problem then is finding clothes that actually fit, because manufacturers refuse to adopt a universal standard for sizing.

S-M-L-XL mean NOTHING. Even within the same brand, let’s say Ralph Lauren or Abercrombie, a size M (medium) can vary wildly in cut and size. Additionally, tagging the item with terms such as “slim cut” or “athletic fit” does nothing to make shopping easier, especially online.

Most recently I purchased Perry Ellis chinos marked 32 that actually measure 34. The same goes for a pair of Ugly Bros. motosport pants. I have two pairs of almost identical A&F sweats, both marked “S”, one measuring 31 inches in the waist and the other measuring 34 inches.

Men’s dress shirts are an exception to this problem: a dress shirt is likely to be sized 16/33, meaning the neck measures 16 inches and the sleeve length 33 inches. That’s a nice start. However few dress shirts measure the chest, which is ridiculous. Measurements in inches/centimeters only make sense, and makes choosing a shirt online much more accurate than choosing a shirt that is only specified as size L.

Online returns due to size issues account for millions of wasted dollars, which could be avoided if clothing manufacturers would only adopt ACCURATE measurements in inches and centimeters for chest, shoulders, neck, waist sleeve and inseam lengths.

Returning things is a major pain in the ass and a needless waste of time and money.

Online shopping is convenient, but nothing takes the place of trying things on in the store because when it comes to looking good in our clothes after all our work at the gym, fit is everything.