Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Are you aware that “your” foundational beliefs are not yours at all?

All of us were born absolutely devoid of belief. For the first eight or ten years or more of our lives we were not sufficiently mature or capable or intellectual to form any of our own beliefs. Every belief we absorbed up until we had our own awakening originated with someone else—parents, teachers, religious leaders, older children.

We were programmed by others fearful that we might turn out different than they, frightened we might believe other than what they believed. An ongoing incessant unrelenting program of mind control was inflicted upon us from day one by every person we came into contact with. This, any thinking individual already knows.

Adults who justify themselves by reciting the deplorable phrase “that’s the way I was raised” are telling the rest of us they are too inept, fearful or both to think critically for themselves, to think as an individual with functioning brain cells, and the self respect to question rather than follow blindly.

Whoever said “Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right.” hit the nail on the head.

Allowing fearful people into our lives who manipulate and control as a method of coping with ideas and ideals bigger than their own is personality suicide. So called “friends” and “loved ones” who are demanding you follow their lead are capable of neither friendship nor love. Staying silent to “keep the peace” in any gathering of loud-mouthed, angry, contrary individuals, whether it be your own family or society at large, will only end in the further breakdown of the situation.

Disallow people any place in your life who are out to discourage, mock or sabotage your fitness efforts, not just as a New Year’s Resolution, but as a rule—a law that goes into effect immediately. 

Sunday, November 19, 2017


Richard Sullivan age 52

Involuntary eyerolls are already beginning as they tend to do around this time of year with people, especially Facebook people, boasting that soon there will emerge a whole new person in place of the old them, because New Year’s Resolutions.

If you’re waiting until January 1st to change your ways it is well proven you will not change your ways. If you’re truly serious about NEW, you will start today.

Fitness is not temporary. It’s not something you work at for a few months or weeks so you can look good for wedding pictures or a class reunion. Fitness is about not getting old, weak and destabilized long before your time. Fitness is every day, like brushing your teeth.

People who are bound and determined not to exercise or eat healthfully do not respond to the avalanche of information supporting the basic horse sense for doing such, but they will always ask for “prayers” on Facebook when the damage that never had to happen in the first place rears its ugly painful head.


Saturday, November 18, 2017


Living in Hawaii with its year-round summer and flocks of tourists, we are daily subjected to cringe-worthy displays of droopy bouncy man boobs. The disconnect that so many people have with their own body is fascinating—obese women packed into skinny jeans or short-shorts, fat old guys wearing tiny speedos and proudly and shirtlessly displaying female breasts are an everyday sight here.

Man boobs primarily are due to a low level of the male hormone testosterone and an overabundance of the female hormone estrogen. One might think those who consider themselves to be “manly men” would be horrified to be producing estrogen in such copious quantities that they have literally grown female breasts, but apparently this is not the case.

A secondary culprit is, of course, diet—the food and drink choices these men make on a daily basis. Youthful muscle being replaced by fat is yet another intentional contributing factor.

Yes, I’m shaming these men, if only for the humorous way they’ve convinced themselves that their breasts are not womanly rather than just fixing the obvious problem. It’s the same level of denial that causes giant-bellied guys to appear on a public beach proudly wearing a speedo.

HRT is essential for the majority of older men and they should consult with their doctor as to their candidacy based on a simple blood test. This condition is known as gynecomastia and in most cases surgery, such a liposuction, is the only treatment. But unless the individual also changes his diet and begins a challenging workout routine, the feminine condition will return.


The popular press sure knows where the money lies. It comes from those who, rather than thinking logically, acting responsibly and doing the right thing by themselves spend all their time and energy justifying their current state of inaction.

That’s why stories such as this one in Men’s Health are such a popular fixture. They draw eyes and rack up views on which to base advertisers’ rates.

No, it’s not the crap you’re eating, or the oversized portions that are making you fat. It's not your intentional ignorance of basic nutrition available to everyone within seconds simply by googling. Rather, it’s a gene—yeah—an unfortunate, unfair, insurmountable roll of the dice completely out of your control. Poor unlucky you.

Friday, November 17, 2017

There's No Truth In Broadcasting

Don’t fall for the lying bullshit contained in this video:

The images of the jacked Hellboy in the video make it appear they represent this David Harbour dude, when in fact they are of a laughably phony-looking rubber body-suited and CGI-enhanced Ron Perlman, not Harbour.

The video further misleads by claiming Harbour, who is in training for this role, “has abs for days” —which is embarrassing for him as the video clearly shows: this puffy dude has a LOOONG way to go to uncover whatever abs he might have under all his fat. Harbour - if he had any honor at all - should be livid over this amateur fabricating performed in his name. It’s a disservice to all the impressionable uninformed young fans who despair at their physiques not looking like the cheezy rubber-suited CGI Perlman creation seen here. The PR assholes behind this garbage need a good kick in the balls for stooping this low.

As someone who lived in LA for 35 years, let me say—fuck Hollywood.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Nothing ruins all your workout effort than the easiest exercise of all: standing straight and tall, no matter what your height.

We all know the drill—stomach pulled in, abs tight, chest pushed high and forward, shoulders held down and back, knees flexed—but to keep all this in mind throughout the day is a true challenge, especially if sloppy posture has become a bad habit.

The older we get, the more our negative habits become ingrained. Young people are fresh and new, and great posture for many of them is just natural, with little effort of awareness required. Yet gravity is pulling ALL of us down, and the older we get the weaker our resolve to fight gravity and poor posture, and the more attention we need to pay to presenting ourselves in our best light.

Look at any photo of any man of any age that presents an impressive physique, and every last one will have something you may not notice right off: straight posture. Watch as people climb stairs: most pivot their upper body forward as they climb, rather than stand straight and tall. This needlessly and destructively puts pressure on the knees.

Resolve to be aware of your posture both standing and sitting, and walk proud: our body language reveals more than people realize.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Are you eating recreationally rather than nutritionally? In other words, are you choosing to eat foods that benefit your body and health—or choosing foods that degrade your body and health?

Everything we choose to eat throughout the day does one thing or the other. It is possible to have the best of both worlds by making a list of all the foods you love that are actually nutritious and healthy. Go online and search for the most complete compilation of foods with calories, fats, and/or carbohydrates listed. Especially valuable would be one that lists brand names, such as Snickers, McDonald’s, California Pizza Kitchen, etc.

You will find all kinds of foods will fit your “tastes great” nutrition vs. calorie-fat-carbs criteria. Delicious non-nutritious foods might include crunchy salty potato chips, for example, while delicious nutritious foods might include a ripe juicy mango.

The greater percentage of nutritious favorites we take in, the quicker we will see improvements in our bodies, our energy levels, and our mood. The more junk and fast foods we take in, the quicker we will see and feel a degradation in these same things.

Make your list of all the healthful nutritious foods that you personally love and take it to the supermarket so that the majority of your food purchases include these great-tasting choices.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Monday Inspiration

Get Out Of Your Own Way

Humans have always hopelessly complicated simple things as a strategy to avoid dealing with the obvious.

Fat? “Stop eating so much” is the simple solution, but wait! Pretending one knows nothing about portion control, or has no inkling what a calorie is, or is under a lot of stress right now, etc., etc., are just a few of the many ways to avoid the obvious, simple uncomplicated solution: If you’re overweight you have to change your relationship with food. Simple.

Wishing to be fit and attractive rather than simply taking charge over one’s current situation and habits is self-defeating. We all have 168 hours in our week. Don’t balk at devoting just 5 of those 168 hours to a challenging workout routine of choice. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Abe Boshes, President Woodrow Wilson's Personal Trainer.

Bodybuilder Abe Boshes: This is what a personal trainer looked like 100 years ago.

HRT Risk Vs. Obesity and Smoking Risks

Does Age Erase A Lifetime Of Wisdom and Experience?

That’s what people believe overall, and not just the young. Older people buy into this belittling mindset even more strongly, as evidenced by their willful self-destruction and numerous “what’s-the-use?” justifications for their doing nothing to remain vital.

When the olds work toward their own diminishment so enthusiastically, as they certainly do, who’s to blame young people from judging? After all, the image of the old man sitting in front of the blaring TV smoking and drinking for hours on end isn’t just some made-up unfair caricature. I’ve know quite a few of those people.

Because the overwhelming majority of older people—more than 90%—do nothing to preserve their health and strength, much less improve their health and strength, it would follow in people’s minds that the generation that intentionally goes to pot and declines physically would decline mentally as well. 

Young people seem genuinely surprised when older people express wise words of advice or well-founded words of caution, as if that is wholly unexpected—when the exact opposite should be true. Old people have themselves to blame for their image and for how society treats them by the negative way they conduct themselves. Giving up on life is nothing to be admired, much less supported. But as a society, support it we do. And it’s costing us a fortune.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

In His Mid-Fifties: Dean Colfax

Very impressive Dean Colfax works out in his very impressive  home gym. Visit YouTube to see all his videos.

Sunday, November 5, 2017


I’m personally troubled by the number of people who buy drugs off the street, what with so much news out of India and China about counterfeit pharmaceuticals even making their way onto US hospital pharmacy shelves—never mind into the hands of body building teens.

Nothing dissuades people from getting their muscle building substances from illicit suppliers, which is a primary argument for the legalization of drugs. The illegal status of muscle building drugs is absurd to begin with since these drugs do not get anyone high and people do not OD on muscle building pharmaceuticals.

Nevertheless, since millions purchase muscle building substances off the street, it’s best to acquire an education in the form of even-keeled science-based information about them. Australian Men’s Fitness has just such an article that makes for an interesting read even if you have no personal interest in pharmaceutical muscle builders. The subject is HGH, or human growth hormone, in which is revealed HGH’s storage and handling requirements, in short, refrigeration and protection from shaking or jostling, two things a drug dealer might not give a damn about, which render the HGH useless.

Saturday, November 4, 2017



Have you ever wondered why certain people get so wrapped up in inconsequential subjects? They do this as a way of deflecting from what is really important so that they don’t have to confront and deal with those other important things. People for example rage over supplements, their convoluted claim being their use is “cheating” or “unfair.” This despite supplements being a billion-dollars-a-year industry and the majority of westerners taking at least one supplement. The critics present know-it-all disinformation gleaned from the internet in which they pick and choose only those sources that support their favored views and avoiding those that disprove their beliefs.

In many other areas of life as well, deflecting allows people comfort from having to recognize, and then FIX, what is truly wrong. In the USA one reliable deflection surfaces reliably every few years—flag burning. People get all emotional and enraged about the propriety of burning the American flag because they can get away with it. Opposing flag burning for them is a safe issue for which they believe they will not be shamed or appear foolish (except by those who see through their deflection). It is human nature to not want to deal with that which makes us uncomfortable, but pressure nevertheless builds up as we avoid dealing, and ”safe” issues like flag burning allow people to let off steam safely with few if any negative blowback.

An interesting article appears in Australian Men’s Fitness HERE that dismantles the history of criticism pertaining to creatine supplementation, and how even when disinformation is proven wrong, the need-to-believers continue disseminating the same falsehoods over and again as this provides them comfort and a feeling of control amid the tumult and chaos of their lives.

Indeed this is the whole explanation behind trolling: uneducated, willfully ignorant, insecure and emotionally unstable personalities lashing out at others rather than fixing themselves. Trolls never see themselves as the problem or as being at fault, much less in need of education, which in itself is a mental disorder.

It’s up to the individual to research any fitness method that appears promising, whether it be a novel workout technique, foods promoted as “muscle-building,” so-called “dangerous” exercises, supplements, hormone therapy, anabolics, and the like. Keep in mind that people only scream and get angry when they are frightened, so the next rant you see online filled with caps and exclamation points, understand that for what is.     

Friday, November 3, 2017

The True Psychology Behind “Steroid” Trolling.

It’s interesting how many online fitness comments are freak-outs by people emotionally opposing “steroids.”

The word steroids is in quotes here because so many of the ignorant wrongly believe that substances like 516, testosterone, human growth hormone (HGH) and the like are also “steroids.” They are not.

Beside the fact they don’t know what they’re talking about, or maybe because they don’t know what they are talking about, we have the question of why they are so emotionally invested in this subject. 

Any YouTube video featuring a well-built man will always be followed by a flurry of freak-outs and put-downs by people too dumb to realize what the rest of us are laughing at them about: their obsession with watching endless videos featuring beautiful men entirely cancels out their “no homo” disclaimers. It is understandable that those who have failed to achieve a desired level of physical perfection are angry at themselves yet unwilling to blame themselves for their lack of effort. Rather than take any personal responsibility, insecure humans who fail cope by searching out scapegoats. In this case their rule of thumb is, “anybody who looks better than me must be on steroids,” because none of these underachievers want to admit they just don’t have the impetus, willpower or dedication to carry through with their own dream of creating for themselves an awesome physique. Yet there they are, day after day watching hours of videos featuring beautiful men. Hmm.

The reason why one’s physical failings with regard to attractiveness is such an emotional hot-button issue in our society is because no one but ourselves stands in the way of maintaining a healthy weight or achieving a physical transformation for the better. Our failures in business or relationships can always be scapegoated as being the fault of others, but since we alone decide our level of physical activity and food intake, the results of those personal choices are entirely on us. The trolls disagree, claiming they have no say in the matter. Their way of coping with their refusing to take responsibility for their own failures is to deny proper respect and due credit to others for their success, usually by claiming some “unfair advantage.” They fail to learn that putting others down not only never elevates the critic, but instead exposes the critic to scorn and ridicule.

That’s just how society’s biggest failures have always operated.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Stop Locking Your Knees

Photo courtesy Therapydia, Kona Hawaii

Locking your knees is killing them. People stand with knees locked because their leg muscles are so weak and depleted that the muscles can’t do their job of holding them upright. Muscles can be strengthened and enlarged to counteract this misuse of the knees, but the knees themselves cannot be strengthened. Knees are not designed to bear weight: that’s what the surrounding muscles, and to a lesser degree tendons, are for. Knees are nothing more than hinges: this is their one and only function.
Locking your knees is destroying them. Stand with your knees slightly bent and unlocked. This alone will force the muscles to do their job and strengthen somewhat. But building new muscle in the quads, hamstrings, butt and calves is the only real solution.
You’re not weak because you’re old, you’re old because you’re weak. Strength training: it’s the only way to counteract aging. Tick-tock.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Just Don't Do It.

Why bother? For all those who resent the high profile in the media given over to exercising and staying fit, especially as we get older, ESQUIRE staffers ask, "What is the point of exercising past the age of 40?" and thus generously provide us the perfect counterpoint to the Nike slogan: Just Don't Do It.

Read their brilliant justifications HERE.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Crossfit Is Far More About Ego Than Being “Fit”

What are people trying to prove with crossfit, HIIT and similar injury-plagued, low-reward activities?

An injury is not a reward. An injury is not some badge of honor. An Injury is the painful physical manifestation of a very poor decision to do something you are not physically capable of while using very poor form.

People struggling to flip a massive truck tire are saying “Look at me,” while people methodically pumping out bodyweight pull-ups week after week go unnoticed—until their shirt comes off. People attempting a clean and press over their head with far more weight than they can handle find themselves over their head and in a world of hurts when the loaded barbell crashes down atop them. Watch “crossfit fails” videos on YouTube for many painful examples of what not to do.

Amateurs are often told “leave your ego at the door,” but even pro bodybuilders sustain stupid injuries in their attempt to showboat. Proper form takes a hit when the chosen weight exceeds one’s ability to bear it, sending even seasoned pro bodybuilders to the hospital and ending their dream of coming out on top.

You can challenge yourself without putting yourself in danger. If your workout is performed more to show off to others rather than make personal progress, your results will be minimal—with injuries almost guaranteed.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A recent article on GQ’s website is a not-so-stealthy advertisement for Optimum Nutrition.

In a piece written by Mick Rouse he explains the importance of protein and the relative bargain that protein powder represents, it being cheaper than foods high in protein like meat, and more convenient to prepare and ingest, since a protein shake requires about one minute of prep time compared to a meat source such as chicken or beef.

The writer, and by association, Conde Nast’s GQ magazine, recommends just one single product, going on and on for two long paragraphs about it’s estimable qualities. Any newbie only recently being made aware of the importance of protein reading this might conclude that this writer or magazine did its due diligence and after much research rated Optimal Nutrition Gold Standard Protein as the best, when nothing could be further from the truth. Quality is the most important factor in protein powders, not taste or mixability. is an independent laboratory that tests all major brands of proteins, vitamins and other supplements, rating them in order of quality and cost. Visit their website to see where your current supplements stand in this regard.

Currently Labdoor rates the GQ-recommended ON Protein at #22. That means that 21 other products rated higher. Classic bodyuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger-branded Muscle Pharm brand comes in way down the list at #43, and 1980s phenomenon Rich Gaspari’s brand is currently being sued by UFC Fighter Lyman Good for its Anavite supplement surreptitiously containing a pharmaceutical steroid resulting in Good being banned from competition for 6 months. This ingredient was not listed in the ingredients section of the label and Good unknowingly and unintentionally consumed it.

Monday, October 23, 2017

A Note To “Victims” Of Body Shaming.

Humiliation is the only proper response to self destructive behaviors. No one has the power to shame you. Only you can decide whether to feel shame about something or not. Your feeling of shame is voluntary.

Whether we experience “shaming” by friends, family or co-workers due to our admirable progress with regards to fitness and/or weight loss—and their feeling threatened or shamed by our success—or due to the opposite, not making progress in fitness and/or weight loss—it’s our choice whether to shrug off their criticism, or not.

Those who have made the decision to allow themselves to deteriorate need to own this decision. For most, allowing their house or automobile to deteriorate to the point that their intended purpose to shelter or transport them was being irreversibly compromised, resultant criticism from others would be fully expected, like it or not. However, you can always buy a new car or house.

Your one and only body is not replaceable. Allowing it to deteriorate is a voluntary act. Pretending that your willful deterioration, your voluntary partaking in smoking, drinking, drugging, obesity and all the other self-destructive behaviors is excusable due to extenuating circumstances only compounds the humiliation. Genetics? Nope. Metabolism? Old age? Nope. Look at the guy pictured above. You think YOU have obstacles?

Yes, it is your fault. Yes, it is wholly your decision. Yes, your excuses make you look a fool. Yes, people are judging you for the awful things you choose to do to yourself. Yes, the world does judge us by what we do and how we look and that will never, ever change, so get used to it.

Claiming your entitlement to do and say whatever you want while demanding that others accommodate you, when at the same time you deny others their right to say and do what they want, is called hypocrisy. 

If you get to do and say whatever you want, then so does everybody else.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Clickbait Is Desperate


Speaking for myself, websites that stoop to engaging in clickbait scams lose a good portion of my respect instantly. It’s desperate.

Men’s Fitness presented this clickbait image/headline seen above. But when you click on it and read the associated article, they backtrack and state these featured exercises are really not bad after all.

Clickbait is insulting to the reader/customer, period. I for one would like to see what these self-appointed “experts” who write this crap LOOK like, wouldn’t you?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

When Your Favorite Online Trainer gets it Wrong.

Even those online trainers who I think are excellent overall sometimes express views that, because of my experience, I do not at all agree with.

This is because those trainers and others who have not yet experienced negative results from their technique believe the reason is due solely to their doing it correctly, and that others’ warnings against that same technique amount to nothing more than “myths.” Unfortunately for such people, poor technique is not recognized until the damage is already done.

The opposite is also true. Another favorite online trainer of mine warns against the leg extension machine. In fairness, each manufacturer has a different design, so it could be he was just using a poorly designed version. My gym has two, each made by a different company, and one of these is awful IMHO. However, overall I always include leg extensions in my leg workout, and this particular trainer, from what he described, told me he simply wasn’t using proper technique. Leg extensions should not impact your knees unless you are using your knees rather than your quads to move the weight, which you should never do. The knees’ one and ONLY function is to BEND.

Knees (like all joints) are merely hinges. They are not muscles, but merely cartilage and bone. Knees are not designed to bear weight. Knees are not designed to lead an exercise. Knees are not designed to absorb shock. Knees are not designed to overextend. Knees are not designed to endure wear and tear: that's what the surrounding muscles—quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves— are all designed to do. Muscles are active; joints are passive.

Putting knees at risk in one's quest for stronger leg muscles is counter productive to say the least. Knees have one function only: to bend—and do so only within a predetermined range or arc.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

No Matter What Our Age, We are The Sum Of All Our Choices Up Until Now.

No Matter What Our Age, We are The Sum Of All Our Choices Up Until Now.

23 And Me: What’s The Use?

Richard Sullivan @ Age 53

The US Marines have a great slogan: “Be All You Can Be.” Fitness is not about who or what the other guy or girl is or has, or about regaining the body and tight skin you once had as a 20-year-old, or erasing the so-called ravages of time. It’s about doing the best we can with what we have right now in the present time. 

People who have come to view their body as already “wrecked” or “hopeless” reject weight loss or strength training or stopping smoking using the same disclaimer: “What’s the use? It’s too late for me.”

Carting around 50 lbs. on your ass or waist 24/7 is crazy enough if you’re 20, but at 60 it’s both exhausting and potentially deadly. At best it diminishes your physical ability to perform everyday tasks. At worst it shortens your lifespan, either by initiating otherwise avoidable health problems, or by preventing you from escaping a crashed automobile, a burning home, a mugger.

The cure for “what’s the use?” is usually a good fright, one’s emerging intact on the other side of a situation that scared the shit out of them. People shouldn’t be required to nearly die in order to have that wakeup call. If you’re over the age of 23 and you are not strength training, you are deteriorating. If you are 23 and not strength training, your metabolism is slowing down. The downhill slide begins for us around age 23 when we have finished fully developing from child to adult, but it doesn’t have to.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Richard Sullivan Age 57

Mature Muscle Via Instagram

Today's Ultimate Challenge:

Talking on your cell phone while "working" the leg press machine might explain the complete lack of muscle on those pencil legs.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Priority: Tend To Your Lawn Or Tend To Your Body?

When I was a kid, in my town it was unusual enough to see a 20 year old guy with an awesome physique, let alone a 40 year old married man with kids—and that local Tarzan happened to be my next door neighbor Helen’s sister’s husband, and whenever he visited, I was in awe.
The men in my neighborhood, looking nothing like that, predictably were not at all impressed or influenced to follow his example—at least not outwardly. But his influence on me has far outlived him.

The culture in my neighborhood while growing up was lawn-pride. Men spent all weekend buying multiple sacks of varying amendments and spreading them on their lawn, clipping and edging and trimming and renting heavy equipment such as lawn rollers and a heavy gizmo that punched hundreds of holes in the lawn to aerate and hydrate. Men would spend 6 hours on a Saturday tending to their lawn, watering and weeding, and zero hours working out or engaging in athletic activities.
Then, as a grown up I’d watch This Old House and similar TV programs in that genre and there too would be men spending their entire weekend in quest of the perfect lawn, struggling to bend over due to their giant bellies and huffing and puffing after relatively little exertion.
It made me wonder at the logic applied by these lawn men for not providing the same care to their one-and-only forever body as they did their temporary lawns. It clearly was foolish to waste so much time, effort and money on something as fleeting as a lawn, especially in a climate where it snowed 7 months out if the year, when their bodies, which were called upon to perform 24/7/365, went ignored and disrespected.

That was the culture back then, and although things have improved remarkably in that respect, basically that remains the culture: people applying outsized disproportionate importance to the unimportant while ignoring what was truly important, crucial and irreplaceable: their body, their strength, their health and physical ability.
People’ priorities tell their story.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

...And They Say Bodyweight Exercise Doesn't Build Real Muscle

Really, the more time we spend online, the more foolish people get. Take the “arguments” that the blowhards and know-it-alls engage in pertaining to strength, fitness and muscle.

Resistance is resistance, whether it takes the form of dumbbells, pulleys, body weight, resistance bands, isometrics or whatever. Resistance builds strength. Resistance builds muscle.

People debating the issue means they aren’t engaged in the very thing they are arguing against. Can resistance bands build real muscle? Can body weight exercises build real muscle? Go to Google Images and search “men’s gymnastics” and similar search terms to see with your own eyes the awesome muscle that gymnasts have built utilizing only body weight exercise.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. People wasting their time debating is a obviously just a distraction from their actually doing. The Nike slogan is more pertinent today than ever: Just Do It.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Young vs. Old

90% of people are enthusiastic volunteers for old age. Bizarre but true.

An injured / compromised oldster is no different from an injured / compromised youngster. The difference is, the young person wants to get better. The young person works at getting better. The youngster sees a hopeful, better future. The injured / compromised young person envisions himself improved, stronger, better, happier, with a better physique in the coming weeks and months, whereas the oldster envisions and works tirelessly toward achieving the exact opposite, methodically concocting justifications to support their lack of effort and self-care.

 It is an indisputable fact that fitness and strength matter very little to people the older they get, which is wildly counter-intuitive. If you’re an older person and such excuses drive your general outlook on life, then that’s all on you. Who in their right mind welcomes infirmity? Who does not fight against weakness and immobility? Who decides to become obese at a time in life when their muscle and bone simply cannot handle dead weight, or tolerate the toll that added weight takes on their overall health, on their mobility, agility and optimism?

Old People, that’s who.

You can diminish yourself, your abilities and your goals in life by adopting the same excuses and rationalizations that 90% of all old people adopt. Or not. Getting fat is giving up. Descending into a state of compromised health, becoming less active physically thereby intentionally losing the very bone and muscle mass that you are made up of is a deliberate act. Surrendering your power, autonomy and independence and ultimately your life is crazy. Yet this is what the majority of older people sign up for.

The choice of such a lifestyle is not the result of physical illness, but rather mental illness. There’s no shame in seeking therapy. Brave people do it every day.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Ross Edgley Is Exhausting.

Ross Edgely gets my vote for Best Physique Ever. But I get out of breath just reading about the next challenge he has devised for himself.

His nutrition intake is insane, as it would have to be to fuel these grueling feats. Learn what he eats HERE.

Gizmos And Gadgets Aren’t The Answer To Your Workout.

So now there’s an AI (artificial intelligence) “Coach” available for $250 which is basically Siri shrieking at you through headphones to hurry it along. Then there’s the Fitbit bracelet, Pilates Circle and an endless line of crap I recall from TV infomercials stretching back to the 1980s that is designed to appeal to those who can’t get themselves motivated to do their pushups, jogging, etc.

The ultimate example is the treadmill, which sits in millions of apartments and home basements taking up space or serving as a clothes rack.

The psychology is, if you spend money on something, especially LOTS of money, you’ll feel obligated to exercise, if only because you feel guilty having spent money on that gadget that’s taunting and tormenting you by its mere presence. I myself have fallen for this flawed rationalization in my youth, much to my wallet’s detriment, in the days before my desire to become fit and strong was enough motivation to get me down on the floor or to the gym.

When I was very active as a personal trainer I realized what people wanted most from me was to somehow implant within them the desire to work out, to give them the gift of motivation so that going to the gym would become an irresistable burning desire. Of course no one can do that for yourself but you. Whatever it takes to get you enthused to go to the gym or hit the fitness bands hard—photos of others, youtube videos, movie superheroes, beach bodies you see at the shore, USE IT. Get more of it. On my days when I’m feeling like maybe I’ll skip the gym, I put on a couple of favorite YouTube videos to rev me up.

Don’t spend your hard-earned money on gadgets and gizmos that promise to make the hard work of fitness “easier.” Find yourself a role model or two, someone who exhibits the kind of body, strength or fitness level you ideally want to achieve, whether it be a neighbor, a celebrity or a Youtube personality.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Stop Allowing Your Smart Phone To Kill Your Workout

Yesterday at my gym I was surrounded on 3 sides by 20-somethings glued to their SmartPhones as they LOUNGED on a machine or bench. Each spent up to 5 minutes idly transfixed, scrolling and swiping, pausing only to lackadaisically fake a few perfunctory motions so they could quickly get back to their all-important swiping. Needless to say nobody was sweating, let alone breathing heavily. The girl was attired in the latest Lulumon separates and was performing ludicrously unchallenging lunges DURING an animated voice call. Hint: if you can talk on the phone while “working out” you’re not working out at all.

The males were transfixed to their screens, swiping away at who-knows-what. In the ten minutes in which I performed eight one-arm shoulder overhead presses, these people accomplished nothing. These are typical of those who angrily accuse (online and anonymously, of course) those of us who make impressive gains of “cheating” (If by “cheating” they mean “actually working out” then yep, guilty as charged), or being unfairly genetically gifted. In their eyes I assume they must somehow believe they are actually working out since their droopy asses are parked squarely on a HammerStrength machine.

There’s no rehab for screen addicts. If you cart your SmartPhone around the gym with you, you’re distracted. You’re sabotaging your own gains. You’re merely pretending to work out. I won’t tell you to turn it off and leave it in your locker, because you won’t. I won’t tell you to stop whining and complaining and snarking at those who are making visible gains while you remain the same old schlub, because you won’t. Long live the SmartPhone.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

The $78 Baseball Cap

Spending lots of money unnecessarily on SUPREME merchandise or an item like Todd Snyder’s $78 baseball cap to make yourself more attractive or to feel better about how you look will never override the lack of attention you pay to your body. No matter how trendy or stylish or expensive, whatever you wear will look and fit so much better if your body is fit and tight. A $5 Hanes T shirt on a hardbody will always trump a $480 Gucci T shirt on a schlub.

I long ago noticed how some very overweight women were meticulous about their hair, clothing, perfume, makeup and manicures, obviously spending megabucks on these extraneous details as if they think these things will deflect from the fact their bodies are fat and unfit. It doesn’t. 

No gym is required to get in great shape. A ton of bodyweight workout videos can be had for free on Youtube. You can sit on the sofa and binge watch Netflix, or you can get down on the floor and work out while binge watching Netflix.

In a world where we have little control over anything, taking control of your one and only body is a power move that pays continual dividends in looks, health, strength and ability 24 hours a day.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

GQ INDIA Has Some Good Reading.

As much as I like to criticize GQ Magazine for its air-headed content, I will give credit to the list at the bottom of the GQ webpage that has links to all the OTHER GQ sites around the world—France, Australia, South Africa. Perusing these sites is fascinating at times and always educational.

American GQ gets really LOW MARKS for its “fitness” content, which they shove way down the page at the bottom, and rightly so because it’s usually USELESS.

However, GQ INDIA has a really good article about an Indian chef who lost a ton of weight and got fit, and this is no boast piece or humble-brag article. Check it out HERE. It makes for good reading.