Monday, December 21, 2015

Niagen / NA Supplements — The Jury’s Out.

A fascinating article in Scientific American provides a laymen’s rundown on the supplement-of-the-moment, NA. The makers claim miraculous results for older people, but few users agree experiencing similarly outstanding results. Reading the reviews for the various brand names on Amazon will leave you confused, as many people reporting positive results describe these in the most modest of terms, making me personally wonder if the Placebo Effect is in play here. However, a few of these Amazon reviewers are older males who go to the gym, and they report more energy and stamina, longer workout times, and quick recovery even after pushing beyond the normal limits of their workout routine.
I thought I might try it, expecting nothing, so as to report my opinion to you, but I am daunted by the $300 price tag for a 90 day supply. If I change my mind I will announce that here.
CVS has what initially appears the best pricing, but their capsule contains a much smaller dosage than other sellers, 75mg vs. 250mg, actually making the "discount" CVS version the most expensive on the market. Take a few minutes to read the Scientific American article here.

In the past I felt I was getting great results from the popular bodybuilder supplement NO2, but frankly at that time I was doing everything strictly correct - eating, sleeping, fantastic workouts, high protein intake, creatine supplementation. I was making good money, had few worries and was enjoying rewarding relationships both social and romantic. So considering this, with everything going my way, it is challenging to be able to claim that any one thing, such as a supplement, made a significantly positive difference.

I continue to believe it is the combination of as many positive things, especially optimum nutrition, sleeping and challenging frequent workouts, that make up 95% of what is required to get results. Face it: everyone wants a magic pill, but going by the reports of the 350+ Amazon reviews, this expensive supplement’s benefits remain elusive.


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