Friday, August 14, 2009

It's Just Not Natural

Reading another blog where wingnuts were going ballistic screaming about how poisonous common comestible oils such as safflower, corn and canola are, made me wonder how the human race managed to survive and prosper for 2 million years if so much of what we eat is, according to these bored crusaders, "toxic".

The word NATURAL on a food package or ad means NOTHING. Interesting how we allowed this word to escape the dictionary and take on a whole new Madison Ave.-created definition.

Salmonella is natural, as is x-coli. Want some for dinner? All human disease, from malaria to cancer is natural.

A food advertised as natural could be loaded with any of thousands of harmful substances that nature produces naturally. Skippy's "natural" peanut butter has had all the peanut oil removed, and the controversial substance palm oil has been added in it's place...because Skippy can make a lot of money selling the more valued, expensive, and healthy peanut oil. They just pour in another very cheap "natural" oil that tastes nothing like peanut oil, and sell their less-tasty product for the same price as real peanut butter, while making a nice profit on the sideline.

Read your labels, especially if the word "Natural!" appears on it.

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