Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Oprah's WingNut Posse Gains A New Member

Jim Carrey, whose credentials certainly reflect that he is an expert in such things, has come out as an anti-vaxxer. Which is sadder? — goofy actors spreading misinformation that is a threat to society’s health, or the internet morons who accept celebrities' views as scientifically valid and adopt them as their own?

Oprah’s wingnut brigade keeps on expanding. In recent years she has perpetrated  some of the most god-awful fakes and loonies on her adoring public. At one time Oprah seemed quite grounded, actually. But the long line of creeps and crazies, such as areyoukiddingme? “fitness expert” Bob Green, snake oil carney barker “Dr.” Oz, AIDS death coach (as opposed to life coach) Marianne Williamson, that black preacher who is suddenly the new Dr. Phil, the old Dr. Phil, bat-shit crazy Suzanne Sommers. The list goes on and on.

You can search on youtube for the Jim Carrey appearance on Oprah where she celebrates him solely for his story of writing himself a check for a zillion dollars and carrying it around in his wallet before he became successful and then voilĂ  it really happened and then he cashed it.

We want our old Oprah back.

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