Saturday, November 12, 2016

Winter Dreams Of Summer Fun

Six months ago were you thinking about how great you’d look by now if you’d only started working out back then, upping your nutrition and fitness game? Yet here you sit six months later and nothing’s changed because you were too busy or tired or stressed or whatever. There is no perfect time in your future to do this: there is only NOW.

There are lots of enviable before-and-after examples online on YouTube and on fitness blogs and websites of what people accomplished in 90 days when they finally made up their minds to do it (search google images with "men before and after"). Browsing these examples might just get you revved up to finally take that challenge, to change yourself, to turn over a new leaf.

Looking great is a life-altering prize in itself, enhancing your self esteem. Kidding yourself by railing against others’ “unfair” judging you by the way you look overlooks the obvious truth: we are all judged on the way we look, and all the self-righteous nonsense in the world will not change that reality. It just IS.

Looking better than we do presently is within everyone’s power. But feeling great physically and being secure in the knowledge that you are fitter, stronger and healthier by your own efforts has its own unique rewards. Losing your spare tire and building muscle has significant emotional benefits as well, not the least of which is the stress-reduction that comes from working out your excess energy and frustrations through strength training.

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