Sunday, January 8, 2017

GQ: This Is The Guy Who's Telling Us All How We Should Dress.

The sole proof that magazines’ primary purpose is to sell you expensive shit can be be seen in those very people who run the magazines. Fitness magazines’ staff members for the most part look like crap, as do the men’s fashion magazines'. Here we have a photo of Noah Johnson, GQ Style Senior Editor. GQ’s website loves to run features and slideshows mocking celebrities for a too-large tie knot, or the unforgivable sin of buttoning the bottom button on their vest or cardigan, or urging you the reader to get off your lazy ass and get fit.

Note the fine example being set here by Chris Hemsworth’s doppelganger, Editor Johnson. The three sizes too big white T shirt billowing at the waist. The baggy ill-fitting jeans, the unkempt face scruff, and the frosting on the cake, the shoe laces in place of a proper belt. 


Both GQ and it’s British counterpart GQ UK have recently run photos of their staff and it’s an eye opener for their breaking every single rule they preach to readers, from their unfit bodies to their terrible wardrobe choices to eschewing the services of a proper tailor.

Those who can, do. Those who can’t, preach.

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