Saturday, April 8, 2017

Stop Wasting Your Workouts: Learn Proper Form

Normally at the gym I keep my head down and stay focused on the workout at hand. But yesterday my eyes landed on quite a few guys who had one thing in common: absolutely terrible form and technique. How is it in the age of YouTube that people do no research, have no curiosity about the thing they do religiously 3 times a week or more? To spend all that time preparing for the gym, going to the gym, spending money related to going to the gym, and make no effort to school themselves about how to go about performing their workout is baffling. These guys are throwing away their opportunity to excel and grow.
If you are not investing time outside the gym to learning and improving, then expect no sympathy when your longed-for results don’t show up. 

Fitness is a lifestyle, not a three-times-a-week activity. Do your homework. See what you are doing wrong. Spend time vetting workout videos on YouTube rather than bingeing on Netflix. Start with MIKE THURSTON’s series on what you’re doing wrong:

 Mike is not the only voice out there; JAMES GRAGE has a lot of good technique advice:

And sports rehab JEFF CAVALIERE’s Athlene-X channel gets right to the meat of the issue with anatomically-themed schooling to help you undertand how your own body works and why you are having problems:

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