Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What's Up With GNC and Vitamin World?

The world evolves as certain companies staunchly keep their feet planted in the stone age. These two has-beens have always required you to pay a fee to join their "club" in order to get a different pricing tier, which is insulting to other potential customers who refuse to pony up the extra dough. It's a matter of self esteem, I feel, not to participate in stores that require you to pay a fee to shop there or get better pricing.

Buy your supplements ONLINE, they are much cheaper, arrive fast and come in a far wider variety.

GNC's own store brand of whey protein has scary sky-high cholesterol, 70 grams per serving, while IsoPure only has 10 grams of cholesterol per serving. Read labels online and compare. Do not compare number of servings in a package; instead, note the number of grams of protein contained in each serving, multiply by the number of servings in the package to get the total of protein grams contained in that package, then divide that number into the price to see the cost per gram of protein.

I have no affiliation to any online retailer, but I find that have the best prices and an enormous selection.

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