Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Magic Pill Syndrome

I got a call from someone searching for guests for a radio show on chronic back pain. Since I had chronic back pain in my early 30s and cured it, and have helped many others do the same, she was all gung-ho ...until I told her that the cure was losing weight, strength training to build all the supporting muscles in the back, and a gravity apparatus that many gyms have that allow people to safely stretch their spines and supporting muscles.
She was at least honest when she said "Our listeners frankly do not want to hear the same old-same-old. They do not want to lose weight and they certainly do not want to start lifting weights!!"
I said, "Exactly. They have a problem caused by their lifestyle which will be relieved or even cured when they change their lifestyle, and you're going to help enable them not to change their lifestyle and cure their pain by offering snake oil cures and wacko advice from new age shamans ".
She hung up on me. Imagine that.

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