Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Five Simple Ways To Lose ALL That Extra Weight:

The link below to the L.A. Times story makes for interesting reading for all the comments after the story left by readers, and the endless list of excuses they give for why they are fat:


A silly yet common excuse is not having the "time to plan my diet." They're kidding, right? How is it they have no time to plan their diet but all this extra time to concoct excuses for themselves?

OK, I'll make it easy for those busy, busy people who claim to be mystified by the whole eating thing:

Five Simple Ways To Lose ALL That Extra Weight

1. Do not eat in restaurants: cook your own food.

2. Learn to cook. Nobody in their right mind depends on others for their basic survival. If you're a woman who is proud of not being able to cook, just like your dysfunctional Sex And The City heroines, shut off the TV and open a cookbook. Any man who marries a woman so clueless that she has no interest in learning to cook to keep her future children alive -or her husband happy- is an idiot. How is is that more men know how to cook than women?

2. Never eat fast food. Ever. EVER.

3. Keep no snack foods in your house. You can't eat what isn't there.

4. Eat a big breakfast and lunch, and a light dinner. Eat no food after 6 pm.

5. Join Weight watchers for the camaraderie and support. I am not affiliated with Weight watchers in any way.

Do any one of the above and you will lose weight. Do all the above and you will lose weight so fast that people will be astounded.

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