Friday, May 21, 2010 and Other Forums: Yikes!

A few people have asked why I'm not very active on the forums. Honestly, it's because the forums are 90% populated by guys who should be at the gym rather than wasting their day in front of the computer. "Would you rather have big shoulders or a big penis?" is a great example of the brilliant ideas and exchanges found there.

Most forum posts are repetitions of posts made last week, but the posters are too lazy to scroll through to see if their dilemma has been hashed out previously (I can guarantee it has). One guy emailed me because he looked and felt terrible and wanted me to take the time to help him by detailing a comprehensive workout and diet plan just for him, even though I have written a book on the subject. How someone who by his own hand looks and feels terrible has incongruously developed such a sense of entitlement at the same time is one of the great mysteries of psychology.

The problem with most people who hang out on fitness or fat-loss sites is that they flat out refuse to do the research or take any action. They want to "talk" about it instead, and think that somehow that counts as progress. I feel sorry for the posters on forums who do the work and who do ask intelligent questions, because one has to sift through a torrent of junk before ever encountering them.


  1. You are totally right. If people would just stick with a sensible program (like the one in your book)they would get the results they are capable of. Everyone wants the "magic" program...Smartly done, consistent hard work is the key. Thanks for cutting through the B.S.


  2. Hey Troy, thanks. And maybe I can go you one better. If people would stop internet lurking or hanging out at the gym talking every day rather than actually doing the workout, it would happen for them. I have more respect for people who just say. " know, I just don't care how I look" than I do for the pretenders. As my grandma always said, "Either piss, or get off the pot." :-)