Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Mountains Out Of Mole Hills

Getting in shape or staying in shape or not bothering to be in shape are all purely voluntary decisions. No one can force us one way or another. The choice is up to each individual, 100%. Yet this ongoing absurdity in the media that has given rise to such ridiculous and damaging catch-phrases as “real women’s bodies” and “unrealistic beauty standards” continues unabated.

To claim that women who are in shape are not “real” women is not only staggeringly insulting to those millions of women (and men) who do stay in shape, but is absolutely revealing as to the claimant’s own self-loathing. To claim that getting in shape or staying in shape is “unrealistic” is so preposterous that you’d think the speaker couldn’t possibly be that Palin-stupid to say any such thing publicly. Our society’s overall dumbing-down crusade shows no sign of waning, and this particular issue is a great example of that.

To my recollection it all began getting out of control back in the 1970s with the idea that every kid who played on the soccer team should be awarded a trophy, rather than just those members of the team who genuinely excelled. This lunacy has left us with two generations of entitled nobodys and non-achievers who now think the world owes them because mommy convinced them how very special they are, despite all obvious evidence to the contrary.

Rather than our society raising up and praising those who reach their personal goals, those who excel, those who show perseverance and dedication, the dark side instead seeks to denigrate them as unrealistic, based on their view that most people realistically will not go to extraordinary lengths to get what they want. So therefore, those who do excel can be safely dismissed as unrealistic. All the while presenting this "logic" while whining about episodes of “fat shaming.”

They claim that shaming someone who fills their gullets with excess food to the point of creating a physical disability is wrong, but shaming people who stay in shape by publicly and disdainfully dismissing them as not being real, or that such an achievement is unrealistic, is somehow perfectly acceptable.

And don’t get me started on those morons who claim sexual attraction should have no connection to one’s intentional sabotaging of their own bodies (“He should love me for who I am INSIDE!”).

Get in shape or don’t; I don’t care. But whining how unfair it is that people you are attracted to sexually have no sexual attraction to you — well now you're  just embarrassing yourself, so stop it. Stating as fact that those who do stay in shape are not “real” but those who do not bother to stay in shape are “real” only reveals the speakers’ mortifying insecurities and their day-to-day failure at achieving something they would love to achieve for themselves, but somehow can’t get up the gumption to.

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