Saturday, February 13, 2016

OK, All You “Experts” — Take Your Shirt Off.

Never Do These Exercises Again! Get A Complete Workout In Six Minutes! Clickbait is the bane of the internet in the form of provocative headlines. What we never see from the wise and all-knowing sages freely spouting their gym advice and fitness/nutrition counsel at us is their photographs.

The guy who writes that leg presses are dangerous, and that isolating your biceps muscles is wrong (!!) — as GQ’s Bill Bradley warns — doesn’t include a photo of his arms, legs, or any photo at all identified as being himself. This is always the case in the mainstream online magazine and faux-news world. The proof is in the pudding as they say, or in the case of the “experts,” not.

I will consider advice provided by guys who have built exceptional bodies, knowing that even some of these guys exhibit very poor form or have whacky ideas in some instances. But I never consider advice from the online know-it-alls hiding anonymous behind a by-line whose photos are nowhere to be seen. And don't get me started on women writers who spout muscle-building advice aimed specifically at men. As I learned working at the Los Angeles Times, some people think the most straightforward strategy to making themselves relevant to readers (and their bo$$es) is to just be contrary.

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