Thursday, September 29, 2016

Stop Claiming "It's My Metabolism!"

Hopefully you’re not one of those people who explains all those excess pounds away by calling up the “it’s my metabolism” bullshit excuse.

But let’s just pretend for the moment that your cupboards and refrigerator aren’t filled with junk food and that you don’t eat at McDonald’s 3 times a week, and that it actually is your metabolism.

Your argument is that your metabolism has “slowed down” with age when in truth you yourself have slowed it down. Intentionally. You slowed it down by slowing down. You got lazy and slovenly. Intentionally. You stopped moving, and moving is what keeps your metabolism chugging along efficiently. You want to argue you had great metabolism as a teenager but then “something happened.” Yes, something did happen: you zoomed around like a crazy person as a teenager, and then you stopped doing that.

Your fat friends are fully supportive of your metabolism excuse since it so conveniently jibes with their own vexing situation, but I’m not your fat friend.  Rather than keep embarrassing yourself with the metabolism BS, get up and move — every day. Walk the dog a couple of miles, jogging intermittently, a few meters further each day. Go to the gym. Strength train. Swim. Yoga. Exercise along with the 10,000+ free exercise videos on YouTube in the comfort of your own home. Have more sex. And stop focusing so intently on food. Studies show fantasizing about food leads to depression.

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