Monday, October 17, 2016

How Does Your Protein Drink Taste?

How Does Your Protein Drink Taste?

My informal survey of the opinions on expressed by those providing their views on protein powders was eye-opening because the most often expressed criteria placed TASTE at the top of the list of attributes. Taste. Not quality of protein, or quantity. That’s telling right there. A scoop might contain 5 gms of protein in one product and 25 in another, but reviewers didn’t seem to notice this or other far more crucial factors than taste.

I recently switched from IsoPure whey protein, which I have used for at least 15 years, to MyProtein Iso:Pro 97. This MyProtein product, which is made in the UK, landed at the top of the list on, the website that tests supplements for both quality and value. IsoPure Dutch Chocolate tasted fine, but I always added a big spoon of Hershey or Droste cocoa powder and pure vanilla flavor to intensify the taste.

MyProtein Iso:Pro 97 has no added flavor or sweetener, which is ideal, so you can make it taste any way you like. Many people don’t like sucralose or other artificial sweeteners, so the absence of a sweetening agent is a big plus for many. (MyProtein does make other protein powders with sweeteners.)

Best of all, MyProtein was 2/3 the price of IsoPure, so that made me really happy.

As far as MyProtein’s effectiveness, I will monitor that as best as one can do so and report later. Effectiveness is hard to quantify due to most people changing up many fitness/workout factors at once, such as a modified workout technique or length of workout session, adding other supplements as well, such as NO2 and Creatine, etc., getting more sleep, and on and on.

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