Monday, April 17, 2017

Your Workout: Just Get It Over With

Richard @ age 52

If you’re disappointed in your fitness progress most likely it’s because you view your workout as something to get over with as quickly as possible. One major magazine’s writer states in a recent “motivation” article that the best reason to work out first thing in the morning is “to get it over with.” Yeah, right.

If improving the very vehicle that transports you though life, if looking good, feeling good and functioning well is so unimportant to you that a workout is some unpleasant task that needs rushing through just so you can get onto more urgent things like going to a bar or vegetating in front of the TV, so be it. That’s why you’re disappointed. 

Until you accept fitness as a lifestyle, your workout as being as necessary as sleep, as indispensable as eating, and your body being as worthy of attention to detail as your car, you will get nowhere.

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