Sunday, December 4, 2016

It's Only A Number

I saw another video on Youtube where some guy is totally focused on 17 inch arms, his dream goal.

Fixating on a number, any number as a goal, is pointless, whether it’s what you want to weigh or what you want your arms to measure.

My friend Alex who already was too puffy and smooth at 200 lbs. wanted to reach 225 lbs. as his goal weight. I pointed out that if he were in another part of the world that 225 lbs. would translate to 102.7 kilos. Who has ever said “I can’t wait for my goal weight to reach 102.7 kilos!”? Nobody.

The same with 17 inch arms guy. Everywhere else other than the US, that’s 43.18 cm. Nobody ever said “Someday I’m gonna have 43.18 centimeter arms!”

A number is just that: a number.

What 17 inch arms guy didn’t take into account was, would 17 inch arms look good on him? Would they be in proportion to the rest of his physique? Two guys can have 17 inch arms, with one guy looking chiseled and jacked while the other guy’s 17 inchers looking like shapeless blobs. The number is meaningless. 

Forget the measuring tape and the scale: look instead in the mirror. There’s your best measure of how you are progressing.

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