Saturday, December 10, 2016

What Am I Doing Wrong?

More valuable than most instructional workout videos are Mike Thurston’s “Common Gym Mistakes” series on the common, growth-killing mistakes people most often make in their workout style.

Even with all my decades of experience, Mike opened my eyes to a few less-than-productive habits I had fallen into. Working chest has always been more a challenge for me than other body parts, and after adjusting my form as per Mike’s recommendations, my chest was decimated, even while doing the same exercises I usually do. Mike’s adjustments made my chest workout more effective and rewarding, and his suggestions for other bodyparts have been gratifying as well. 

I’ve only been implementing them for a week and am stoked by the difference I feel. I will report back in a month or two to report on the actual improvements to my physique using Mike’s methods.

Check out Mike Thurston’s “Common Gym Mistakes” videos on YouTube:

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