Monday, December 12, 2016

Quaker Oat Bran Now Comes With Bonus 100% Natural Protein Added At No Extra Cost!

Opening a box of Quaker Oat Bran I found the product crawling with bugs. I was surprised that there was no inner liner as is the case for virtually every other cereal on the planet. Granted, Quaker Oats also has no liner inside the signature round box, but the zip-seal at the top keeps bugs out. The Oat Bran has no such seal: the product is simply poured into a naked cardboard box and glued shut with gaps at the edges by which critters can easily invade.

Customer service person “Pilar” responded in the manner in which no customer service ever should, by claiming that an inner liner would not have helped. She stated authoritatively, an “inner liner would not have prevented insects from ‘boring through’ a cardboard box.” Whaaat?

I never said insects “bored though” the box. Clearly they just waltzed in through the gaps at the edges and sat down to a welcome meal, defecating with abandon as they went.

Here’s another example of customer service that not only does not rectify a problem, but creates an entirely new one by trying to justify their failings. When we have to actually explain to a giant corporation (Pepsico) that they need to protect the products’ contents integrity by packaging them properly, then its time to stop buying their product. 

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