Saturday, February 11, 2017

Join The Club

Competitive businesses are supposed to be thrilled to win your patronage, so what’s with the arrogance of businesses that act as if they are doing us a huge favor by accepting our hard-earned cash? The problem is us, or rather, you, because I myself refuse to do business with assholes.

Many a business — gym, vitamin store, supermarket, etc. — have manipulated you into thinking your giving them your money is some sort of status symbol or privilege. If your self esteem is so low that you respond favorably to people screwing you over, go ahead and buy in if you like, or you can grow a pair and tell them to go to hell. I choose the latter.

GNC, is entitled enough to think that instead of just offering everyone the best pricing possible as a draw, they instead require customers to pay money for a “membership” in order to access their lower price structure, which is certainly a big “fuck you” to the majority of people, i.e. potential customers, just walking on past their stores.

The same goes for gyms, some of which it turns out have rigged the system by making it exceedingly difficult, if not nearly impossible, for customers wishing to cancel their memberships, essentially by continuing to raid their members’ bank account without permission upon their membership’s expiration. And who is the genius grifter who came up with the concept of "initiation fees"? An additional fee on top of your already expensive membership fee? Uh, no thanks. Joining a gym without reading reviews online first is crazy in this era of and similar websites where customers can voice their satisfaction, or dissatisfaction, with the business.

You’ve no one to blame but yourself when you sign on the wrong company’s dotted line. Caveat emptor is Latin for “Buyer beware,” meaning this shit’s been going on since Roman Times and before.  Shopping around is easier and faster than ever, so take advantage of technology to keep from getting ripped off.

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