Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Surprisingly Great Results From Mike Thurston’s Advice.

About 7 weeks ago I posted a video by UK trainer Mike Thurston because I was so impressed by his knowledge and no-BS advice, and promised readers an update on my incorporating his suggestions.

Mike has a video for every body part in which he shows the ways in which many are not performing their exercises for maximum results, and they are awesome.

My main focus was on my always-lagging chest, as I recognized that I was allowing my shoulders to shoulder much of the effort, when of course, when working chest our chest must be doing the bulk of the work.

In just 7 weeks I have actually changed the size and shape of my pecs by incorporating his instruction. I knew he was on to something when, after my first chest workout my pecs were aching. That was a new sensation for me.

So tune in to Mike Thurston’s channel on youtube, both his own channel as well as the videos he’s done for Aurora Fitness, to see how you might benefit from his wisdom.

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