Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Proof Is In The Pudding.

Here’s the main reason why all these fitness-related articles online never picture the author or the designated “expert” doling out their know-it-all advice: it’s because you take one look and them and say, “why would I ever take bodybuilding advice from someone who looks like that?”

Pictured here is Dan McCarthy of Crow Hill Crossfit, who warns against mainstream exercises that have benefited tens of thousands who swear by them, I'm guessing, just because — but what do we know? He's the expert.

Here’s his golden advice — on Fox News yet:

This less than impressive selfie by the way is the one and only photo of him on his own website. 

Cross Fit is not bodybuilding or even strength training — it's a competitive endeavor, and these "fitness" articles don't even acknowledge the difference. People can do whatever they want, God bless 'em, but just know that Cross Fit has permanently fucked up far more wannabes than any other sport:

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