Saturday, July 1, 2017

MORE Worthless Crap From GQ Magazine

GQ Magazine thinks THIS is a tricep exercise!

NEVER take seriously any fitness article that is not accompanied by a recent shirts-off recent photo of the author.  NEVER.

Online garbage has reached maximum density in a desperate attempt to attract clicks, and everywhere we are inundated with truly stupid useless crap attributed to non-entities and non-experts like "GQ Staff", rather than an individual with proper cred, such as a fit physique that readers might aspire to.

Here's a great example by the always-self-humiliating GQ Magazine: A photo of someone doing BICEPS curls used as an illustration of how to work TRICEPS.

My advice to VOGUE, Inc., GQ's owner: fire the least productive dolt on GQ's staff and hire a writer/graphic designer/editor who is a bona fide fitness addict — there are scores of qualified jacked individuals right there in NYC.

You're welcome. Send my $1000 consultant's fee to my Paypal account.

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