Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Professional Know-Nothings @MensJournal

These people have to justify their employment somehow, right? So it’s no surprise the avalanche of ignorant, stupid and worthless fitness “advice”, so-called, you can get online from self-proclaimed authorities who never show their face, much less a shirts-off photo of themselves.

This example of a piece of nothingness on tells us how stupid we are to need a gym bag that holds those essentials we find germaine to our workout, because really, who needs to bring more than, according to the author, “sneakers, one full gym getup, and a Dopp kit."? 

The writer calls this product a “gym bag made by people who actually work out and know that you don't need a weekender-sized sack with a billion zippers and stupid features just to hit weights for an hour.”

Yes, forget your own personal needs!—forget that useless weight belt, fella! And those unnecessary workout gloves, lifting straps, knee/elbow/wrist wraps, towel, water bottle, ear plugs, protein shake/post-workout snack, eye drops, wet-wipes, your keys, phone, iPod, Beats, etc., etc., etc.

The underachieving dweeb who wrote this piece of fluff crapola reveals the low bar set for the hiring of online staff writers, if indeed these writers are actually even paid for his/her silly pronouncements regarding this obvious promotion deal with the manufacturer.

Nothing of any substance to see here at Men’s Journal, people: move on.

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