Friday, August 19, 2016

GQ Magazine Suggests You Might Want To Consider Surgery Rather Than Exercise

As far as can be deciphered, Megan Gutashaw, a writer for GQ magazine, has no credentials of note in either human anatomy or psychology, yet presents herself as the worst kind of uncertified authority.
She, a woman, expertly declares to GQ readers, all men, just how near-impossible it is for us to develop our abs, and therefore promotes the only logical solution: surgery.
Just when it seems GQ magazine can’t get any stupider, or more vile, they top themselves.
In her featured article, titled “The New Way Guys Are Getting Olympic-Swimmer Abs.” Gutashaw provides the name of a NY surgeon for those losers out there who have concluded that having their guts sliced open and implanted with foreign objects for a mere $10,000 or so is a far saner option than planking for 10 minutes a day and cutting back on the potato chips. 
There is something morally wrong about feeding into disturbed people’s body dysmorphia and painting a wildly insane idea as mainstream and acceptable. Men getting implants for vanity’s sake rather than working out is as loathsome as it is indicative of their desperate need for psychological evaluation — as too should be required of surgeons who enthusiastically promote and perform these gruesome body modifications, and magazines and their writers who glamorize such a truly disturbing and completely unnatural-looking option.

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