Wednesday, August 17, 2016

If You Have A Great Body Then You Must Be Doing Steroids.

Oh, no...wait a minute...steroids were still 50 years away from being invented when these photos were taken — way back in the 1890s.
Left: Hankenschmidt. Right: Sandow

Little is more revealing of males’ insecurities and thin skin than online comments made by viewers of photos or videos of superfit esthetically muscled men. These losers’ comments predictably accuse the man pictured of “doing” steroids — because they have no excuse for their own self-loathing laziness and lack of accomplishment.
Even weirder is the prejudice and railing against HRT, the medically-supervised replacement of natural hormones lost mostly due to age. Bitter comments by men who themselves imbibe in alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, pain killers and the like who try to recapture their youth through Viagra, Minoxodil, or other topicals and ingestibles, believe because these products are advertised in the mainstream, they are perfectly acceptable socially and otherwise. But somehow to their way of thinking, working with a physician to renew one's diminished hormones is "cheating."
Understanding that critics are telling us everything we need know about what makes them tick — or sick — while telling us nothing at all about those whom they’ve targeted for their criticism, is the key to dealing with these broken people. A basic rule of thumb in life for those with a healthy level of self esteem is to steer well clear of anyone trying to recruit you over to their side for any reason or purpose whatsoever — for you are being played, manipulated and controlled. They are viewing the world though their own distorted lens, and anyone who doesn't agree with them is a threat. They have been unsuccessful at creating the kind of body they desire, and you haven't, so you must be "cheating." It's the most childish of tactics, blaming or shaming others for that which you alone are responsible.
Rather than providing these dysfunctional people a willing ear the next time you hear some angry red-faced blob freak out over what scares him most, and your assuming he must have a point because he’s being so “passionate” (crazy) about it, instead realize that all anger stems from fear, and all fear stems from cowardice. Think twice about supporting or blindly signing on to others’ dysfunction. Try a bit of critical thinking first. 
Nobody respects a follower, and there’s nothing like having a good workout to clear the fog from your head.

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