Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Question Those Disembodied Words On Your Monitor

Why do we pay any attention at all to words strung together on our screens or monitors? We need to give this quirk of ours a lot more rational thought. It’s nothing new; ever since the printing press was invented the same thing has been happening, only on paper rather than electronically. The worst kinds of words on a screen are those that purport to be written by so-called “experts” in whatever field. Since I have been strength training since age twelve I am confident in my personal experience in the fields of fitness and nutrition. So when I see some outrageous article on a mainstream website warning us not to do certain exercises or eat certain foods, I want to punch that writer and the morons who employ or publish that drekmeister, for many reasons.
The main reason is because anyone allowed to advise others on fitness or nutrition should be required to post a very recent photograph of themselves in a bathing suit. That would eliminate, oh, I’d say, 98% of these fakers. The remaining 2% who look great in a bathing suit, and therefore practice what they preach, also have problems since some of their workout and nutrition practices are just plain flat out crazy.
YouTube is overflowing with videos by “experts” who look great but spout crazy. In other videos, looking-good vloggers insist that there is only one way to do something, i.e., their way, when in fact there may be many ways, because we are all individuals. We are not them, and they fail to understand that, to get out of their own head and understand that their life experience is unique to them and their advice might not work in our particular case.
But the bottom line is US, and our not signing on to or adopting others’ opinions, prejudices or poorly thought out arguments. This goes for fitness, nutrition, politics, religion and sports teams to name but a few. Be wary of others’ preaching, especially when delivered in a bombastic, “I am the authority” tone. Nobody is YOU. Only you are you. Stop looking for leaders: become the leader of your own life instead. Choose wisely whose advice to follow, especially if you realize you have a history of jumping into to things too blindly and too soon. An examination of your past failures in this regard will inform your future strategy.

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