Saturday, May 6, 2017

Are Fitness Bands BETTER Than Weights? Time Under Tension

BEGIN this video at 8:35

Unlike free weights, fitness bands maintain a constant and continual resistance throughout the entire range of any given exercise.

Fitness bands are not only very different from free weights and pulleys, they are unique in how they work the muscle. Because the tension is maintained throughout the entire exercise, fitness bands work the muscle in a manner unique from machines, free weights and even pulleys.

In performing a lateral deltoid (side shoulder) raise with a dumbbell for example, there is a dead space where after lowering the weight from its high point back down to your hip, no tension at all exists. Essentially you’re resting at this point, which is contrary to what we want; performing a set of ten with no rest or gaps should always be our goal.

On the other hand performing the same exercise with a fitness band maintains the tension throughout, even when your hand is lowered to your hip. 

As compared to pulleys for the same exercise, fitness bands provide a much smoother ride, minimizing the risk of injury.

Eric Janicki in the video above demonstrates a very intense chest exercise you can do at home or at the gym utilizing fitness bands. I tried to fix this vid so it would begin at 8:35 automatically it isn't working the way I want. Manually start the video at 8:35 for the exercise I want you to see. Then try it out!

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