Saturday, May 13, 2017

Never Stop Learning

Another old person on TV this week excused himself from the idea of weight training because of the “risk factor,” as in, fear of injury. Of course like any other new and unfamiliar activity, a smart person does their research before setting out on a new endeavor to avoid mistakes and setbacks, and fitness activity is no different.

But again, this is just an excuse. People get run over crossing the street every day, but few people refuse to cross the street because of this. Nearly 1.3 million people die in car crashes every year, but this "risk factor" doesn’t stop us from driving, does it?

Doing your homework by spending time vetting YouTube videos on the subject, of which there are thousands, can be of great benefit whether you're new to the game or an old hand. Yes, there are some idiots on YouTube telling you to do things no logical person would do. And there are some guys with amazing bodies who perform their exercises wrong.

So how does a newbie discern the good advice and instruction from the bad? By comparison, by making a habit of watching and comparing and learning, by rejecting the over-zealous boastful macho guys for the more even-keeled.

To invest the time and money in an ongoing fitness program while refusing to read or to watch videos on that very subject makes no sense. Fitness is a lifestyle, not a short term hobby, and as such our goal needs to be continually learning and trying new things and improving our present form and technique.

I’ve been working out since I was 12, and I am still learning new things and searching for ways to improve my form as well as my diet. We all have 24 hours in our day. What we do with those 24, how productive we choose to be with them, is entirely up to us.

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