Sunday, May 28, 2017

Beach-Ready 6-Pack in Just 4 Weeks?

It’s memorial Day Weekend in the US, which is the official kick-off of SUMMER. Websites, blogs and print magazines are filled with articles promising beach-ready 6-pack abs by the 4th of July, a sure-fire clickbait scheme, because positive physical changes take time and effort. That’s not to say that a major improvement can’t take place by the 4th of July. But going from spare tire to shredded abs will take a bit longer. No, let me correct that — a LOT longer.

Revealing the naturally-occurring 6 pack you already have under that layer of fat might be a challenge, but building a better more defined 6-pack than what you currently have is an ongoing challenge. Both involve changing your diet from the one you presently have, which has obscured your 6-pack, to one that will allow your 6-pack to show through. But building, defining, and polishing that 6-pack into something to be envied by others takes persistent faithful exercise along with goal-oriented food consumption.

As a life-long fitness person I have heard every kind of workout advice for attaining a 6-pack from working abs once a week to working abs every day. My findings are, if you are serious about a 6-pack, you work abs every day, or at least every other day, doing a variety of different ab exercises, of which there must be 50 or more. Spend some time on YouTube and you’ll be amazed at the variety of ab exercises you can choose from.

It is said, and correctly so, that 6-pack abs are achieved in the kitchen, not the gym. All the abdominal muscle work in the world will not give you the 6-pack of your dreams if you don’t stop eating the way you have been. Changing your diet means not eating as much of the foods you prefer. People claim to be mystified by the fact that eating too much, and especially too much of the classic fat-producing foods, makes them fat because they just don’t want to deny themselves. Only when those people decide that denying themselves a 6-pack hurts more than denying themselves fast food, booze and desserts will their 6-pack dreams come true.

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