Saturday, May 27, 2017

Zac Efron Is Too Buff, Proclaims VULTURE

All writers reveal themselves, for better or for worse, by what they choose to write about.

This New York Magazine writer’s meltdown tells me that the further up the ladder men climb in pursuit of a personal ideal (which is entirely their business) the more inadequate this writer feels. He’s decided he can’t compete, so his fight-back strategy is to denigrate. He has the hubris to proclaim that he gets to set the limits by which others must adhere, that enough is enough when it comes to men, specifically movie stars, exceeding his own personal limitations as to what is appropriate musculature/buffness.

My advice to writer Jung is, first of all, shut up: don’t be stupid enough to reveal your inadequacies for all the world to see, and number two, get your insecure lazy ass to the gym. 

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