Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Importance Of Selfies In Our Fitness Goals

Richard Sullivan age 51

Recently much has been made critically of all the selfie-taking, but one area that photos of ourselves prove crucial is in our pursuit of fitness.

Having photos we can call up and compare allows us to monitor our progress, or lack of it. Selfies are also very useful in goal-setting by comparing the way we look now with someone whose physique we admire and wish to emulate. Taking a selfie in a similar pose as the photo of the person we admire and viewing them side-by-side, we can quickly see our own weak areas — shoulders, chest, legs — in need of the most attention.

Most of us have had periods in our lives in which our fitness goals must take a back seat to other more immediate concerns, and having selfies of our better selves reminds us of what we are capable of achieving, and aids us in getting ourselves back on track.

Nobody wants the best that they can be to be in the past. We optimists value our belief that we can always improve, and revisiting photos of ourselves at our peak times, rather than bring us down, can be a way of lifting ourselves out of our present situation and inspire us to rededicate ourselves to further improvement.

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